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January Grove Co Haul

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

This Month's Order:

Grab Green Cookware Pods

Absolutely love using these! You just drop a pod into your cookware and let it soak for a bit. The scent is really nice, but more importantly it makes it so easy to clean up burned on food.

Grove Co Room Spray Refill 

I'm just about out of the room spray that I keep in my cleaning caddy, so when I saw this scent in the clearance section I added it to my cart. It's a vanilla peppermint scent which I think is a really nice clean smell - especially this time of year. 

Pure Sense Leather Cleaner

My favorite leather cleaner! It works great on our living room couch and chair

Method Bathroom Cleaner

I can't find a bathroom cleaner I like more! I use this on sinks and showers (and tubs). It's such a fresh scent and cleans very well. It's in just about every order I make month to month. 

Rooted Beauty Overnight Cream

I have loved this night cream for years! A little goes a long way, so I haven't had to repurchase it very many times. My skin is so dry right now, so I really appreciate how nice this feels on my face. 

Rooted Lip Balm

And, this is my favorite lip balm! Blake actually 'stole' the chapstick I had been using, so I bought myself a fresh one. 

Free Gifts:

Rooted Bar Soap

Are you a bar soap person or a body wash person? I like both, but probably prefer a bar of soap. This is a great one. I often choose their bar soaps as my free gift of the month because I know I will always use them. I have a small backstock of soaps now, but it's cool that 90% of them were free. 

New Chapter Vitamin D

This was a random free gift Grove sent out in an email. I guess it was to introduce a new brand. Either way, I am thrilled to have free vitamins. Especially a Vitamin D since it's so important. 

Free Samples:

Compostable Sandwich Bags

This was a cool sample to get! They feel pretty sturdy despite being made to decompose. 

Good Juju Laundry Strips

I haven't used these yet, but I love the idea of laundry soap sheets. 

Olly Sleep Vitamins

Olly vitamins are a go-to over here. I love them. I have purchased these melatonin vitamins before, but I do try not to rely on them so I don't use them regularly. But, I did use this sample the night before we needed to get up at 5 am the next day and it helped so much. 

Shameless Pet Treats

I'm a bit hesitant to try new things out on the pugs, but I do think they will like these. 

UpCircle Face Serum

Really liked this the last time I tried it, so I was happy to get another sample! Bring on all the oils and creams right now - my wintery skin is soaking it up. 

Weleda Skin Food

Don't love the smell of this, but it is extremely moisturizing and might be nice if you have dry feet. 

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