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Hi Friends! I'm glad you found me. 

I am a thirty year old living in North Florida with my husband Blake and our pugs Delly, Bailey & Winston. We got married in 2010 (shout out to those who planned their wedding without Pinterest!) , and have had such a great life together so far. He is my very best friend and you will read a lot about him here. I can talk about him as much as I'd like to, because he doesn't read this blog! Totally fine with me because he'd end up proofreading it and I know there are a lot of mistakes to be found.

Before we got married, I still lived at home and had never been on my own. Suddenly I had to learn to meal plan, iron a man's pants, and live in a new city small town. Fortunately I learned I was good at those things and kinda liked doing them!

Home ownership isn't easy, but I have discovered a passion for decorating, organizing, yard work...basically, all the things that come with being a grown up. Okay, not all the things. I really hate ironing. But, I've had several friends ask me to help them organize their closets and that is the biggest compliment to me. I love seeing Before & After posts and I try to share what I've been working on here on the blog. Improving things is so fun!

I also love clothes. In the last few years I've really discovered what my personal style is. The best way to describe it is 'preppy casual' with lots and lots of nautical touches. If it has navy and white stripes, you better believe my eye is drawn to it. My general style principles are that the item fits well, is comfortable and preferably from Ebay or a thrift store! Getting something great for cheaper is such a thrill.

Blake and I got engaged in front of Cinderella's Castle, spent part of our honeymoon at the parks, and are now annual passholders. You got Disney questions, I've got answers! We love going frequently, because we never feel pressured to do everything in one day. We try to do something new each time we visit! (See all our Disney Posts!)

No kids yet, but I am a very proud Auntie to Carter, Zane, Lennox and Gia. Because of them I know more about diapers and baby food than I ever thought I'd know. Isn't it funny that when you first get married, everyone asks "how's married life?". Well people have now transitioned into asking us "so when you havin' kids??" I miss the married life question.

I have so much on my to-do list, my goal for this blog is to help me organize my thoughts! You will be seeing lots of recipes, projects and things about my life; which will most likely end up being pictures of my pugs...

Thanks so much for reading!
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