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Our Living Room Tour | Article Timber Sofa Review

Monday, March 1, 2021

Words fail to express how ecstatic I am to finally have completed our living room! When we moved last November, we sold the majority of our living room furniture. You can see what our former living room looked like here. Our couches were worn out and we felt like it was time for an upgrade. Honestly, it took weeks for us to agree on what we wanted. It's hard to start fresh! It's almost like there are too many options. But, as soon as we saw the Timber couch from Article we were both sold!

It's so beautiful. We wanted something 100% leather, and this shade is what my friend Chabeli refers to as 'Kristen brown'. I wear cognac brown all day, every day! 

Like most furniture companies, it took weeks for them to deliver our new couch and chair. We 'suffered' on some old office armchairs that I never want to sit in again. Nicely, Article gave us a gift card for our long wait, which we used to purchase the navy pouf you'll see below. 

We went with the Timber couch and matching chair. I could not recommend these more! A little spendy, but you get what you pay for. Plus we had just sold our house, so it didn't feel so bad handing over the cash. These couches are unbelievable comfortable. Which was something I was worried about since we didn't sit in them before hand! 

I love that this type of couch looks better the longer you use it. The dogs have already made themselves comfy, so I'm glad they are durable and easy to clean. Plus super stylish! 

These side tables from Amazon coordinate so perfectly with the couches, it was like they were made to go together. The color, the height... it's just right! 

Fake Philodendron | Candle | Letter is old from Anthropologie | Table is Ikea

Choosing a color scheme was actually pretty easy! We both adore dark greens and navy. Add in a little 'Kristen brown' and you've got yourself a color palette. 

Not so easy was marrying styles together. I like a lot of different design styles, and I found mixing them really challenging! I'm not even sure how to describe my style. It's like coastal meets traditional meets midcentury. But I'm also pretty minimalist and want everything to be comfy...but practical....
Do you see why this was so hard?! 

Another challenge was figuring out what to do with our record player. It was a gift from my parents last year, and we love using it! But, it's giant. It's like a piece of furniture itself. Plus we were going with lighter wood tones, so I was obsessed with figuring out how to make it work! 

We found this entertainment center on Wayfair, and I crossed my fingers it would work! The measurements seems right, the color seemed right, the price wasn't bad...

It did take a million years to get to us because the first one sent was damaged in shipping, and they had to send a new one. I could not believe my eyes when the record player slid right into the center and fit like glove! I was so happy. Plus there is plenty of room in the cabinets to store records and the few movies we have. It's nice to have the PlayStation and Roku consoles tucked away out of sight too. 

Did you spot my paint by number above?! I started working on it weeks ago, and it was much more challenging than I imagined. Turned out really cool though, and it matches the room like I'd hoped. I used a magnetic frame to hang it up.

Also thrilled with our rug! It was such a score. My sister has the same rug and I really liked it. When I was in Lowes I saw that it had gone on clearance, and decided to go for it! Then is rang up even cheaper! How often do you find a really nice, HUGE 8x10 rug for $100?

While we were at Lowes we picked up this floor lamp! It's such a nice addition to the room, especially since we just use lamp lights and not the overheads most of the time. 

I got these pillow covers from two different Etsy shops, and couldn't be happier! Love the colors and patterns. I loved the green ones so much, I got two more for our bed. Which I think is a nice way to carry our design style throughout the house. 

Below you will also see our little exercise corner! I used to keep stuff like this hidden away in our ottoman. But, when we started using heavier weights and working out almost every day it just made sense to keep it accessible. We keep our hand weights at the bottom of this wire hamper, and then keep the mats rolled up on top. I feel like it balances out the room with our trunk on the other side. That trunk belonged to Blake's Grandma and we really like having it. It makes a nice stand for my diffuser and we also display our framed wedding invitation on it. (Which is also navy, surprise surprise.) 

Fake Fiddle Leaf is from Hobby Lobby | Pug Painting is old from World Market | Select A Weights

Now if only I could have you all over! We absolutely love having friends over for dinner and board games, but with our living room incomplete it didn't feel so bad not to have company. Now that it's done, all I want to do is have people over! But of course we are still being cautious and staying distant physically, so all in due time.

Leave a comment below and tell me what your design style is! Can you come up with a word for mine? What's your most prized/cherished/or splurgy furniture piece? 


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