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August Grove Haul

Monday, August 7, 2023

Super Bloom Vitamin C Serum - free gift!

This was my gift with purchase for the month! I have a pretty minimal skin care routine, but this is a nice addition. I especially appreciate it's skin brightening promises. 

Mrs. Meyers Apple Cider Room Spray

Have I told you guys that I'm cleaning a few houses on the side? We are trying to save up for some traveling and it's been a nice way to put aways some cash. Anyway, one thing that I've been doing in my client's homes is using a room spray at the end. The compliments I get are always how amazing the house smells! Usually I use my Caldrea sprays (these are very pricey, but you just need a few spritzes.). But, I thought with fall coming up, everyone might like a little autumnal scent. 

Earth Rated Pet Bags

No explanation needed, since these are in every single Grove order we do! 

Grove Co Rubber Gloves - free gift! 

These gloves were my free quarterly gift. (I actually think Grove is doing gifts more often than quarterly now, but I can't remember the details) Super nice to have around.

Grove Co Drip Stones

One of the sillier things I've bought, but never regretted, are the super attractive Grove toilet brushes! In the base of the brush, there is a drip catching stone that eliminates that gross water. You are supposed to replace the stones every so often - but I hadn't yet. 

Grove Co Unwind Essential Oil Blend - free gift!

I had not smelled this oil blend before, and it's really nice! I got this oil as my 'birthday' gift this year. They give you a couple of options to choose from. I think it's a nice way to try something new for free.

Grove Co Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is my oil of choice, and we are constantly diffusing it. I really like the size of this bottle! 

Kitsch Wet Dry Brush

Do you know how long you should have a hair brush? Asking for a friend, because I do not know. All I know is that my hair brush has been through it and I know I've probably had it way too long! With growing out my hair, I wanted to change it up to keep my hair healthy. I choose this wet-dry brush and have been really liking it! I think it works better on my hair dry, but wet is good too. I have noticed a lot less breakage and fall out! 

Method Toilet Cleaner

A trusty favorite! 

Mrs. Meyers Bluebell Hand Soap

In our house we have refillable glass soap dispensers, so normally I buy refills for those. But, in my travel bag I like to keep a full size liquid hand soap. Fun fact about me, I cannot stand the little bar soaps they give you in hotels. I bring a hand soap with me on every vacation for this reason. My current bottle ran out on our last trip, so this is my replacement. They last a long time just using them for traveling. 

Mrs. Meyers Bluebell Multi Surface Concentrate 

This might be my best cleaning secret. I use this concentrate to make multi surface cleaner, but I also use it on our floors. You need so little concentrate that this is such an affordable cleaner! Bluebell is the best scent hands down.

Olly Women's Vitamins

These are my secret to finally taking vitamins every day! I love them. I keep these by my sink and it's easy to remember to take them as I'm getting ready for the day. (Blake takes the men's version) However, I had a little hiccup on this order. I normally get these from Walmart, but decided to get them in my Grove order instead - and the heat during shipping caused them to arrive in a melted mess. Note to self to get them locally during the summer! Grove's customer service is awesome though and they credited me the amount for this order and gave me an extra few dollars for the inconvenience. 

Full Circle Micro Brush

I felt like a detailing brush was something I was missing in my cleaning caddy. Full Circle products always impress me. 

If you are new to Grove, I always like to offer you my referral link! That'll get you some free products! If you have any questions as you are looking through their products, you can always ask me - I can almost guarantee I've tried it.  Also, make sure you activate Rakuten for cash back too! 

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