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Monday, August 14, 2023

Delly's Eye

Gosh, what a saga. Our pug, Delly, was scheduled for her annual check up this past week. The evening before, I noticed her eye looked odd - droopy and hazy. So, I was glad we already had an appointment scheduled. Turns out, poor thing had some kind of eye injury! The vet thinks she got poked with a twig or some kind of landscaping. She's 12 and a half so, her eye sight isn't what it used to be - and with those big ole eyes, she probably just ran into something. 

It's been quite the journey. In total, she's been on 8 different medications to make her more comfortable and promote healing. She's got another appointment in a few days to check back and hopefully get the all clear to take off the cone of shame. Poor baby! It's been around the clock care, so we are all very tired. 

Ladies Night

My mom and I hosted a girl's night recently and it was so fun. I just wanted to share that I made my white sangria and it was such a huge hit! It's great for crowd, and it's very refreshing. I also put together a charcuterie board. I love doing them! They are fairly easy to throw together and it elevates the buffet for sure. My sister got me this round cheese board and it's so cute! I have two charcuterie boards and I bought so much I ended up using both for this party. Honestly, my favorite trick is to just stick a few sprigs of rosemary on the board and it makes it look extra pretty. 

I've had this chalkboard forever, and I like to use it for any occasion! 

Car Woes

I've had my CRV for just about 13 years! She's been a great car, and I have had very very few issues over all with this car. But, in the last month I have had to put on new tires and spend quite a bit fixing a radiator leak and an A/C issue. We had to share a car for the majority of the month, but now my car is back in action and it's been such a relief. I hated to spend the money, but in the grand scheme of things - it ain't a car payment! (Also, very thankful we have a brand new car to rely on otherwise.)

After getting my car back from the mechanic, I wanted to spend some energy detailing it. One thing that showed the age of my car was the black plastic starting to fade. I found this really great oil stuff on Amazon that totally brought it back to life! I'm super happy with the difference. Next up is trying to clear my headlights, and if I can't I'm going to replace them all together. 

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