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June Grove Haul

Monday, June 12, 2023

Is this my biggest order to date?! Probably. My last few orders just contained a few essentials, so this one seems surprisingly big. A few things lined up to make it that way. First, Grove was doing a 40% sale for Memorial Day. Additionally, they started offering bundles for VIP members and stacked that deal with the 40% off. AND! I belong to their Facebook group, and they did a little giveaway. All you had to do was comment an item you've been wanted to try and they selected a few people to receive credits for that item. I was chosen! Actually, the diffuser I requested was on sale, but they gave me the full credit amount - so I had a few extra dollars to spend. So, while this is a pretty large haul for me, I probably saved as much as I spent. 

Here's What I Got:

First, I'll share what's new to me:

Grove Co Diffuser

This was the item I requested in the Facebook group. I always thought it was really pretty, but knew I could get a cheaper diffuser at Walmart or TJMaxx. My kitchen diffuser hasn't been working well at all, so it was actually perfect timing. I don't really understand why it has a light, because the ceramic cover is completely opaque. 

Caldrea Countertop Spray in Vanilla Quince Santal 

I've happily used this countertop spray before, but this is a new scent to me! I probably wouldn't have risked trying a new scent, but it came in the VIP Ultimate bundle. I like it a lot! It's very homey, and sort of reminds me of my grandma or something. 

Seventh Generation Toilet Powder

This is something I've been wanting to try. I tested it in 2 of my toilets before reporting back to you. Ultimately, I think it's good. The foaming action is great, and I love the sustainability aspect. I do think I needed more elbow grease that I do with my trusty Method cleaner. 

Grove Coconut Scouring Pad

I haven't tried these yet, so I can't attest to them. But, I have had my eye on these for a while to use with our Always Pans. They reminded me a lot of the pad they send with the pans to begin with. 

Caldrea Dish Soap in Blue Basil Sage

Again, already love this dish soap, but had not smelled Blue Basil Sage yet! Caldrea just does scents so well. This one is really fresh and perfect for the kitchen.

Things I already love:

Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap in Lemon Verbena 

I was actually already stocked up on dish soap, but this came in that VIP bundle and I knew we'd use it eventually! I love the lemon verbena scent, and this soap works great. 

Mrs. Meyers Baking Soda Cleanser

An old favorite! I used to use this all the time when we had our glass stove top. Now we have gas, but I really enjoy using this on our stainless sink. 

Grab Green Disposal Pods

Great if you have a garbage disposal! You just throw one in and it helps keep your disposal clean. 

Grove Laundry Detergent Sheets in Lavender 

I have used these before since Grove likes to give them as free gifts periodically. I'm not blown away by them, but they do work! These came in that VIP bundle, and I'm happy to have them on hand for our beach vacation next month. It seems like it will be so much easier to pack these that any liquid detergent. 

Grab Green Cookware Pods

These things smell SO good! If you have burned on food you can toss one of these in your pan and let it soak. It really helps eliminate all the elbow grease. It might be weird, but I like to leave the bag open under the sink because it makes it smell so much fresher under there. 

Grove Walnut Sponges

A classic! We don't go through near as much of these as we used to now that we have a dishwasher. But, they are still trusty and great to have on hand. 

Grove Dishwasher Tabs

Another bundle offered these and I thought it was good timing because I was running low on dishwasher detergent. These are something I think are pretty good, but not great. But, the price of the bundle was too good to pass up, and I will absolutely use them. 

Grove Glass Cleaning Concentrate in Lavender Blossom

This is one of the best glass cleaners I have ever used! It's just great. 

Grove Mesh Basket - Free Gift!

This was my free gift for this order. I've been wanting one, so talk about good timing. I'm using this to store cleaning cloths - but gosh the uses are endless! I might grab another in the future. 

Grove Replacement Scrub Brush Heads

I've had my scrub brush handle for years and years now, and I love that I can just buy replacement heads when needed. 

Pure Sense Leather Cleaner

The best leather cleaner! We use it on our living room couch and chair. This breathes life back into our leather with little effort! 

Method Toilet Cleaner

A classic. I just love this and never want to run out. 

Method AntiBac

Another thing I swear by when cleaning bathrooms! 

Method Bathroom Cleaner

This one too! It smells fresh and works wonders on our sinks and showers. 

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