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Coupons For You

Try Book Of The Month!

As an avid reader, I'm always looking for my next favorite book. Book Of The Month is a monthly subscription service that allows you to choose a new hard back book each month. There are tons of options to choose from since everyone's taste in books varies so much. HOT TIP: There is an AARP link for BOTM that gets you your first box for $5 and you get a free book each year. P.S. You don't have to be old to sign up for AARP...

$5 to use towards books on Pangobooks

I use Pangobooks to sell books from my own collection. Think Poshmark but BOOKS! This is a great way to find books you've been wanting to read, but keeping your budget in tact. 

$10 Towards My Favorite Clean Perfume!

Skylar has such amazing scents, and they are all clean and hypoallergenic. My personal favorite scent is Vanilla Sky. You can use my link and save $10. Might I recommend the discovery set to help you decide! 

Free Plan To Eat Trial!

I love using Plan to Eat for meal planning. Click here to start your free trial! When you use my link, we become friends and you can see all of my recipes! I only keep our favorites, so there are tons of ideas.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

$5 Towards My Favorite Razor!

Athena Club has an awesome women's razor subscription service and I am loving it. I used to use Dollar Shave Club because men's razors were the only razor I liked. Finally a similar service for women! They also have subscription services for tampons and other body care products. Totally down to have one less thing to pick up at the store, and their blades are SO much cheaper than what you can find at the grocery store. USE CODE: KRISTEN6638 for $5 towards your first purchase. That's a brand new razor and 2 blades for $4!!

Free 5 Piece Gift Set from Grove!

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Grove Collaborative. It's an online store for all things natural and homey. I even share what I get in my monthly orders here one blog. You can use my link to sign up and receive a free 5 piece gift set! My favorite Grove product are the cleaning concentrates! 

$10 Gift Certificate to Erin Condren

If paper planning is your thing, you have to check our Erin Condren! I'm a big fan of the petite planner system, but an even bigger fan of the spiral notebooks! I literally have dozens. If you use my code to sign up the personalized notebooks end up being $6! 

$10 Gift Card to Revive Essential Oils

High quality essential oils don't need to cost an arm and a leg! I am a huge fan of Revive, and if you use my link on your first order you get $10 towards essential oils! If you don't get anything else, you have to try the Pumpkin Pie blend-it's amazing! 

Get FREE CASH with Rakuten!

I use Rakuten whenever I am shopping online. They help you find coupon codes, but more importantly they track your purchases and give you cash back on each purchase. I've literally gotten hundreds of dollars back from using Rakuten! They can send you a check or have it deposited into Paypal. Who doesn't love free money! 

Cash Rewards for Receipts! 

Another great cash back resource is Fetch Rewards!! This is an app that you can scan your paper receipts as well as your digital ones for points. Then you can exchange your points for gift cards or even cash cards. I almost always use mine on Amazon gift cards. The best part is you don't have to do anything but scan your receipt - it automatically reads them and gives you points for various products. 
If you sign up with my code you get a free 2000 points. Download the app and then use code: DCHUC when you sign up. 

Can't forget a discount at my Etsy shop!

Because you are a blog reader, I'd love to offer you a 15% discount on your purchase! In my Etsy shop I have a variety of vinyl decals, home d├ęcor and custom gifts! I'd love to create something with you. USE CODE: KRISTENWOOLSEYBLOG for your discount! 

$20 towards your first pair of Rothys!

Not only are Rothys so comfortable, but you can wash them! I have a pair of the flats in the color fawn-and I wear them almost everyday! Use my referral link and get $20 off! 

Get $5 off Dashing Diva Nail Strips!

I absolutely adore these nail strips. They go on quickly, there is zero dry time, and it looks like you got a professional gel manicure! So many fun colors and patterns to choose from. Use my link and get $5 towards your purchase! Most of these strip packs are around $7, and I get at least two manicures out of a package. So, if you use my link, that's 2 dollars for 2 manicures! 

$20 towards an Always Pan!

Here's $20 to use on your first Always Pan or Perfect Pot. First of all these pieces are so beautiful, but they will also replace your whole cabinet of cookware. 


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