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May Grove Collaborative Haul

Monday, May 8, 2023

Grove Collaborative is where I get the majority of my cleaning products and quite of bit of other random household/personal care items too. If you are new to Grove, you can use my link to sign up and get a free gift set! Here's what I got in my order this month:

Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Concentrate in Bluebell

An all time favorite! I've been using this cleaner a lot more lately, and just loving it. You need so little of it. I mainly use this as a floor cleaner and a multi surface cleaner. The bluebell scent is just so good.
I actually still have my last bottle of this, and it's mostly full. I'm just using it so often now I wanted to have a backstock.

Method Bathroom Cleaner

Same goes for this bathroom cleaner. It's just my preference at the moment and did not want to run out. 

Method Dryer Sheets in Beach Sage

Personally, I have no need for dryer sheets. I just don't think we need them, but my husband feels differently. Since he prefers to use them, I wanted some on hand that weren't all that chemically. Although, these probably are - I should just get some plain, free and clear ones I think. But, I enjoy both Method detergent scents and thought we'd try these out. They feel very different than any other dryer sheet I've ever come across - but seem to work how they are supposed to. 

Method Stainless Cleaner

File this under one of the best stainless cleaners I've found. I really prefer to use an ecloth on stainless, but sometimes you need an actual cleaner. This works great and lasts a long time. 

ecotools Eye Makeup Brushes

I totally bought these because they were on sale, but even the full price is so reasonable! The eyeshadow brush I have is ancient. In fact, I found the blog post where I talked about the Ipsy bag it came in...LOL. Mainly I wanted to get a blending style brush and this fit the bill. I'm so pleasantly surprised. Really great quality and they work just like I'd hoped.

Welly Bandages 

If you want to be a cool aunt (or mom I guess hahah) have these bandages on hand. They are so fun! I've gotten the tie-dye ones, and I also really like their first aid kit. (The travel size is fantastic for your purse!)

Everyone 3in1 Soap - Coconut Lemon 

A very very favorite. This body wash is actually also a shampoo and bubble bath. I like to keep it in our guest bathroom specifically for the niece and nephews, but it's a great body wash for adults too. The scent is awesome. 

Grove Silicone Straws - Free Gift

We love a good silicone straw around here, and even more so when they are free! 

Rooted Hand Cream - Free Gift

Who can't use another hand cream?? This is a great hand cream, though I usually prefer the other scent. I'm not a floral person. But, when it's free, I won't complain. 

Peach Bar of Soap - Free Sample

Do you use bar soap or liquid? I'm actually a bar soap person! It's such a good bang for you buck. In fact, Grove often does bar soap as free samples or gifts - so much so that I probably have enough bars of soap to last me the rest of the year and beyond. 

Acure Resurfacing Cleanser - Free Sample

I love Acure products! I want to rave about this sample. First of all, the portion is so so generous. I wanted to try it out immediately, but this would have been a good one to put in my travel supplies. The sample is so generous it will last for several days. The scent is a little grandma-y, but I have nothing but good things to say otherwise.

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