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This Week's Work Outs & New Favorite Athletic Shorts

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

All the workouts mentioned in this post are Peloton classes! We absolutely love our digital membership. I think it's something like $13 a month. We originally signed up for it to use with our spin bike (just an Amazon bike), but fell in love with all the strength classes. We do them together or separately just about every day. Our home 'gym' is our living room and we just have cushioned yoga mats and a few hand weights. (Like these and these)

Day One

30 Min Pop Pilates - Kristin McGee
20 Min Total Body - Ben Alldis
Total Calories: 169 Calories

I'll be honest, this Pilates class was really boring to me, and I was not into it. But, I know it's a good work out, so I stuck it out. Since Blake was doing the total body class after my workout, I joined him to feel like I actually did something this day. 

Outfit Details: I'm wearing these great high waisted shorts from Walmart! Plus my favorite style of sports bra by Fabletics. I'm wearing the same tennis shoes in all the photos below - my Brooks Adrenalines 22

Day Two

15 Min Core Strength - Logan Aldridge
10 Min Pop Punk Shadowboxing - Jermaine Johnson
Total Calories: 125 Calories

This core class was pretty tough, but I was super bummed I only burned like 30 calories according to my watch. So I added a quick cardio class too. I absolutely love the shadowboxing classes. 

Outfit Details: These shorts, guys. I love them so much. They are by Fabletics, and they are the new women's version of The One style for men! Blake has these shorts in like half a dozen colors, and I'm so happy they made them for women too. They fit me like a glove. Beyond working out, I see myself wearing these to the beach or even a theme park. The top is from Brooks and it was my souvenir from my recent Half Marathon!

Day Three

20 Min 80s Bodyweight Strength - Logan Aldridge
20 Min Shadowboxing - Kendall Toole
Total Calories: 231 Calories

As much as I love the shadowboxing classes, I decided Kendall is not my favorite trainer. I found her really hard to follow. But, either way, it was fun.

Outfit Details: Two of my favorite pieces! Those high waist shorts from Walmart in black and then the Fabletics sports bra, also in black. 

Day Four

20 Min Chest & Back Strength - Callie Gullickson
Total Calories: 78 Calories

Callie is one of my favorite Peloton instructors! I enjoy all of her classes. I'll be honest, I was really dragging this day, but of course - I'm happy I worked out anyway.

Outfit Details: The One shorts again (fresh out of the dryer!) and a different style of Fabletics sport's bra

Day Five

20 Min Full Body - Logan Aldridge
Total Calories: 115 Calories

Fair warning, this workout contains burpees! The worst exercise there is. But so effective... 

Outfit Details: Fabletics Shorts (this time in black) and my favorite Walmart workout tee. It was from last year, but I'm sure they have a similar version this year. 

Let me tell you my little Fabletics Secret. I absolutely love their clothes - but I do not think anyone needs workout clothing on a subscription service. (The average person that is. If I worked as a fitness instructor or something that might be different.) So, here's what I do. Sign up for the amazing initial deal of 2 for $24 leggings. This is 100% worth it because you'll never beat that price. But, make sure that you cancel the membership that purchase automatically enrolls you in. Then, I wait until I need new gear - and by then Fabletics is begging you to reactivate and will give you 80% your entire purchase. I get all my new clothes, and then deactivate again. Repeat as needed. 

For example, this last time I made an order, I got 3 sports bras, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 tank tops for me, and 4 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for Blake all at 80% off totaling $160. That's a savings of like $600. Just a little tip from me to you!

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