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Friday Five

Friday, March 18, 2016

one// We did the Bring Sally Up squat challenge at the gym on Tuesday and the song has been stuck in my head all week! This is a super fun and challenging work out. We did it first with squats, and then again later with push ups! My buns were on fire!

two// It's Ipsy bag time! The make up bag is so cute this month. In my glam bag I got: Beau Gachis Eyeshadow brush, Marc Anthony Argan Oil Blow Dry Cream, Be A Bombshell Bronzer, Ofra Eyeliner, and A NYX Cream Lipstick. I'm most excited about the bronzer and least excited about the eyeliner-it's a weird green color. 

three// Easily the most excited I have felt all week!! I've been Fitbit-less for months, ever since I lost my Flex tracker. I wanted to upgrade anyways, and after much research I went with the Fitbit Charge HR. I liked the new Alta a lot, but having a heart rate monitor was important to me. Very excited to track my workouts and get back into the 10,000 step routine! 

four// I had a major shopping win this week! My sister and I went hunting for a springy dress to wear to a few special occasions in the next month. I had high hopes, but after 3 stores I was still empty handed. I was so bummed because even my backup dress didn't work. Amy randomly mentioned checking Penny's and I wasn't all that enthused about it. I never really have much success there. But, we went in anyway and right away I found 4 dresses to try on. I liked this one the best and it fit like a glove. The best part, though, was how much I snagged it for. Originally $86, it was/is on sale for $49. Plus we found a retailmenot coupon for $20 off and I found out at the register that I had $20 in rewards!! I walked out with this dress and a dress shirt for Blake for $15. I'm so proud. Okay and their website picture does not do this dress justice. 

five// And here is your weekly Delly!! She is so stinky right now and we've got a bath scheduled for this evening. I snapped this picture when she was stalking my apple slices. 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! It's supposed to be rainy around here which sort of throws off my plans, but I'm determined to be productive and enjoy it! 


  1. My husband is OBSESSED with his fit bit. He upgraded to the charge a while back and he loves all of the additional features. He and his brother use them to keep track of which one of them has walked the most that day. Gotta love that sibling rivalry :)

    1. I totally understand! I love the leaderboard!! I'm not really that competitive, but I do love seeing my name at the top.

  2. Im definitely gonna try that squat challenge now!

    1. I also saw a version with leg lifts, so I'm going to try that next!



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