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2023-2024 Simplified Daily Planner Unboxing

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

I've been sharing my paper planner journey here since 2014! I put a lot of thought into which planner I want to commit to for the year, and enjoy sharing my thoughts on them with you. Office supply girlies, where you at?! I know I'm talking to a specific niche here, but this is something I get really excited about. 

For the past two years, I've been using the Simplified Weekly planner and really enjoyed it. The weekly suited me really well during the pandemic and when things were much slower for us. But, 2023 has already kicked my butt and I really needed something *more*. I wear many hats, and my schedule really does vary day by day. So, after a lot of thought I went with the Simplified Daily for the 2023-2024 calendar year. And here she is! 


Even though I wasn't thrilled about spending so much on a new planner, when I received my box I instantly felt the price was justified. The quality is just down right great. Starting with the keepsake box it comes in. I never end up saving these boxes, but I do think someone more sentimental would love it. You can keep your treasures from the year and store them in this box for memory keeping. 

My planner came with a cute newsletter, a card about my chosen pattern, and then a booklet of resources. In addition to the planner, I decided to try out the pen clip as well. It's really nice, and I think I will like having it. It's a little stiff at the moment, so I'm hoping it stretches some and doesn't become irritating. I already have the magnetic book mark from my previous planner, and I'm happy to continue using it with the new one. 

My Pattern

Choosing a pattern is always such a dilemma! Simplified always has really great choices. Last year I even employed my friends on Instagram to vote for a pattern because I couldn't choose. This year however, none of the patterns really stood out to me. So, I went with the classic Happy Stripe. I actually always love this one, and have had it before. The colors are just so beautiful and fun! I'm happy they always bring it back, even if it varies year to year. The last time I had Happy Stripe the stripes were thicker and there wasn't any white. I really like this version! 


Of course, there are monthly spreads. Then each day has an hourly layout, with an equally long to-do list section, and a notes section. All perfectly simple enough to customize. If you are curious the weekend - Saturday and Sunday are on one page. 

A Few Other Features

There are some great workbook pages in the front that I'd like to use for some habit development. Also, I'm really happy that the Simplified 30 Day Challenge is in the planner as well! I did it (and documented it) in 2019 and found it so beneficial and motivating. There are also some super cute stickers that come in the front pocket. I don't really use stickers to much anymore, since I went sticker overboard with my Erin Condren planner. But, these are really sweet and I will probably use them!


So funny to see my weekly and this new daily edition next to each other! The daily is certainly hefty! But, I think it'll do just the trick. My weekly will be finished in July, but we've already got dates for the rest of the year set in stone, so I'm most likely going to have both of them nearby as we head into the summer. 

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