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A Weekend in New Orleans

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

After my little brother and his wife moved to New Orleans, we were very excited with the prospect of visiting them! Neither Blake or I had ever been to New Orleans - or Louisiana for that matter. We were able to travel with my whole family to visit them over Memorial Day weekend. It was a really nice weekend and overall we had a really good time. Mostly because of being together though!

Here's a few things we got up to:

- Walking around French Quarter just to site see. 
- Exploring M.S. Rau's to see some amazing art and sculptures.
- Enjoying delicious food at places like Molly's, The Ruby Slipper, and The Blue Crab
- Popping around a few local breweries like Urban South, Meil, and NOLA. 
- Smiling the whole way through a Swamp Tour with Ragin Cajuns airboat tours.

My favorite picture of the whole weekend. My nephew is hilarious!

Me and my siblings!


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