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Struggling to decide what's for dinner? I have been in such a rut, so to mix things up we tried 5 new recipes this week. All are from Defined Dish. You can find these recipes online, but I got them from The Defined Dish cookbook, which is free on Kindle Unlimited right now. 

There were so many recipes in the book that looked really good. I don't typically use cookbooks for meal planning. I use Plan to Eat which is a digital recipe keeper and planner. It's really easy to use Plan to Eat to import recipes from other sites, so I was very excited to be able to find these recipes online as well. (If you want to give Plant to Eat a try, you can use my link for a free 30 day trial. I really love being able to share recipes with friends!) 

Vietnamese Shredded Chicken Salad

This was so yummy and light. I think it would be an ideal summer night meal. We used limes straight from our tree which was so exciting! 

Turkey Lasagna

Holy moly. I am not a huge lasagna person, but this would make me one! It's delicious and would totally be an easy meal for company. The lemon zest in the ricotta was 10/10 a game changer. 

One Pot Hamburger Helper

I picked this recipe because I already had all of the ingredients on hand. It's simple and comforting. 

Hamburger Salad with Jalapeño Dressing 

Blake and I agreed this recipe was missing something. I think next time I will add green bell pepper and some cheese. Defined Dish recipes are mostly Whole30 so it didn't call for cheese, but I think it would have added something! Still the dressing was great and I would gladly eat this again.

Santa Fe Chicken Bowls

I can't choose between this and the lasagna for my favorite of this bunch. This was delightful! Filling, healthy and flavorful! Just for simplicity, I might just make this a rice bowl or alternatively a salad instead of both - but it really was a solid dinner! 

The real star of the show are our new pasta bowls! These are giant bowls the size of plates. I love them and find myself reaching for them almost every night. They are great for rice bowls, salads, and pastas. Super inexpensive from Amazon too

Another Amazon food related purchase are these bowl covers. I don't really buy cling wrap, so these work awesome for leftovers or transporting food! 

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Let's Chat!

Leave a comment below and tell me where you find new recipes! Do you like to use cookbooks? Have you tried Defined Dish recipes before?


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5 Yummy Defined Dish Recipes

Monday, January 31, 2022

Revive is my favorite (MLM free) place to get essential oils! I'm a huge fan, and one thing I like to treat myself to is the quarterly subscription box. Each box contains $75 worth of product, and is usually seasonally curated. 

This is what's in the 2022 Winter Box!

Vanilla Sweetie

Blend of: Copaiba, Sweet Orange, Vanilla Extract, Ylang Ylang, Peru Balsam, Myrrh, Fenugreek, Magnolia, Osmanthus, Tonka Extract and Sandalwood
Probably the scent I was looking forward to receiving the most! I'm a huge vanilla fan, and this is just right. Diffusing this will make your whole house smell like baked goods. 

Party People

Blend of: Clary Sage, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Lemon and Geranium

Apparently this blend is designed to promote a party atmosphere. Haven't tried that, but it does smell really fresh and invigorating. It's actually super similar to a few other blends I have from Revive so I don't think I will repurchase this particular one. 

Mountain Bliss

Blend of: Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Grand Fir, and Cedarwood

This smells exactly like you'd think it would! If you love a woodsy, wintery scent - you'll love this one. I find wood essential oils extremely grounding, so this is no exception. 

Lemon Basil

Contains: Ocimum citriodorum

Citrusy and herby! I think this blend would be just right for homemade cleaning products, or diffusing in the kitchen especially after a smelly meal. 

Kashmiri Lavender

Contains: Lavandula angustifolia 
Wow, I was not expecting to love this so much. Lavender is potentially my all time favorite oil, just because it's so versatile. This is definitely lavender, but some how seems more powerful? Not like in an overpowering way or anything, just more dense? I can't explain it, but I really like it. Revive's website says it has a higher content of linalool, which makes it very soothing and relaxing. 
Plus, it's kid safe if that matters to you! 

Unscented Body Butter

This is brilliant. First of all, it's a great body butter- but to leave it unscented is so smart! You get to add which ever oil you want, for your personal scent profile. They recommend adding vanilla sweetie, which is what I think I will do! 

Plus they've been sending some really cute stickers in each box! 

I don't do subscription services often, but this is one I love to get! It's very easy to skip if I decide the oils in the next box aren't for me, but so far I've been really excited about the contents. Here's what was in the Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 boxes. Actually, one of my most popular blog posts to-date is my first impressions of Revive! 

If you are new to Revive you can use my link to sign up and get $10 off. This discount works on the subscription boxes too! 


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Revive Essential Oil Winter 2022 Subscription Box

Monday, January 24, 2022

Blake and I got away for a quick weekend to visit his mom and dad. Before I started packing, I checked the weather forecast and SURPRISE 100% chance of snow. ❄ We both hadn't seen snow in years, so that was very unexpected. Fortunately, the snowfall happened in the middle of our trip, so it didn't impact our travel days at all.

Mostly, we just hung out by the fireplace, watched movies, and drank hot chocolate - but we did get out and explore a little bit too! 

Now that we are back home in Florida, it's in the 70s. 😂 Although, I did see a forecast for the weekend being in the 40s, so maybe we will get to pull back out our cute winter clothes. Blake and I are both big jacket lovers, but we hardly ever get to wear our extensive collection.

I used to hate the cold, but I caught myself daydreaming about living in a different climate while we were away. Then, I saw people driving on icy roads and thought again. I guess it's all in what you are used to! I don't bat an eye at driving in that white out rain that we get in the summers here, but snow is another story. 

Let's Chat! 
Leave a comment below: Do you live in an area where you see snow? 

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Snow Day! A Quick Trip To Charlotte

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

When I get dressed in the morning, I really feel like the finishing touch is spritzing on a little fragrance. In high school, I wore Hollister Co. perfume which was a unisex fragrance - and I LOVED it. They discontinued it, so I swear I rationed those last few sprays forever before I ran out for good. For graduation, I was gifted Brittney Spears Curious perfume and also really loved that scent! In fact, if I smell it today it brings me right back to 2008. 

Skylar Perfume First Impressions

Monday, January 17, 2022

I'm rounding out 2021 with a total of 102 books finished! This breaks every record for me. It wasn't even the fact that we were experiencing a global pandemic with loads of time at home. I barely read 40 books in 2020, and this year was almost normal times level busy. I've it narrowed down to a few suggestions I have for you today, in case you'd like to read more books this year! 

How To Read More Books This Year

Monday, January 10, 2022

If you and I were having coffee today, this is what I'd be talking about! Recently, I've been:

A Coffee Date With Me

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Coming at you today with a ton of Book recommendations! There are some just OK reads here, but also more than one 5 Star books for you to bookmark.

Recent Reads #17 | December 2021

Monday, January 3, 2022


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