Snow Day! A Quick Trip To Charlotte

in , by Kristen Woolsey, 11:46 AM
Blake and I got away for a quick weekend to visit his mom and dad. Before I started packing, I checked the weather forecast and SURPRISE 100% chance of snow. ❄ We both hadn't seen snow in years, so that was very unexpected. Fortunately, the snowfall happened in the middle of our trip, so it didn't impact our travel days at all.

Mostly, we just hung out by the fireplace, watched movies, and drank hot chocolate - but we did get out and explore a little bit too! 

Now that we are back home in Florida, it's in the 70s. 😂 Although, I did see a forecast for the weekend being in the 40s, so maybe we will get to pull back out our cute winter clothes. Blake and I are both big jacket lovers, but we hardly ever get to wear our extensive collection.

I used to hate the cold, but I caught myself daydreaming about living in a different climate while we were away. Then, I saw people driving on icy roads and thought again. I guess it's all in what you are used to! I don't bat an eye at driving in that white out rain that we get in the summers here, but snow is another story. 

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Leave a comment below: Do you live in an area where you see snow? 

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