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Skylar Perfume First Impressions

Monday, January 17, 2022

When I get dressed in the morning, I really feel like the finishing touch is spritzing on a little fragrance. In high school, I wore Hollister Co. perfume which was a unisex fragrance - and I LOVED it. They discontinued it, so I swear I rationed those last few sprays forever before I ran out for good. For graduation, I was gifted Brittney Spears Curious perfume and also really loved that scent! In fact, if I smell it today it brings me right back to 2008. 

But since then, I haven't had a signature scent. It's really because in the last few years I went almost fragrance free entirely! Between sensitive skin and chemical headaches, I just avoided it all together. I'm so grateful that 'clean beauty' is more available now! It makes me feel so much better that companies are trying to eliminate harmful ingredients. 

That's why Skylar caught my eye! Clean ingredients and hypoallergenic perfume!? Ok! But, buying something solely for the scent on the internet isn't exactly easy. Someone invent smell-o-vision already.

I was really excited to see they have a sample set of their 5 most popular scents. That felt risk free and I could wear some of the scents before investing in a full bottle. Actually these are such generous samples, I now have perfume for weeks. 

Here's my thoughts on the scents in the Discovery Set:

Salt Air

Notes of Driftwood, Sea Salt, and Seaweed
Okay, admittedly this was my least favorite scent when I first smelled it. But, after wearing Salt Air, I think it might be one of my favorites! It's clean, fresh, and light. 

Isle Escape

Notes of Bergamot, Cardamom, Sandalwood 
Another super fresh scent, but I'd say it's sweeter than Salt Air. It reminds me of a hotel lobby by the beach if I had to describe it. 

Capri Summer

Notes of Bergamot, Neroli, and Blood Orange
This is so nice! It's exactly what I expected. Zesty and citrusy but still with a hint of floral. Floral is not my favorite but this is just the right amount for me. 

Pink Canyon

Notes of Grapefruit, Pink Salt, and Cedar
So, I LOVE this scent, BUT - it smells exactly like Caldrea's Sea Salt Neroli fragrance, which I use as an air freshener in the bathroom. So, it reminds me too much of the bathroom to wear it as a perfume. 😂 

Vanilla Sky

Notes of Cappuccino, Pure Vanilla and Caramelized Cedar
This was the scent I was most excited about. I adore a simple vanilla scent, and this is just what I wanted. It's warm and sweet, and even kind of romantic.

I thought that after wearing each scent I'd have a clear winner, but I don't. I definitely anticipate buying a full size vanilla, and maybe a roller ball of some of the others. Skylar offers full bottles, rollers, and even a roller ball subscription service! The Scent Club subscription is one roller ball a month, and it's often seasonal. I think that's such a fun idea and a neat way to mix it up. (They are really speaking my love language with the roller ball organizer!) Plus, they have candles, so if you love a scent your whole house can exude it!

Scents I'd like to sample next are: Fall Cashmere and Coconut Cove

I have a $10 referral link for you to use if you want to give it a go! Rakuten also has cash back with Skylar, so don't forget to activate that too! (I'm always trying to save money, so just passing on my tips! In fact, I have an entire page here on the blog with coupon codes for you.) 

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Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite perfume is! What scent did you wear when you were younger? Are you interested in clean beauty as well? 


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