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Thursday Three | 10-15-20

Thursday, October 15, 2020

This week it seemed like all of my packages arrived on the same day! Definitely got some exciting things, and I thought I'd use today's Thursday Three post to share. I'm going to try really hard to freeze extra spending for the next few months as we move, so the excitement of these deliveries is going to have to last me a while! 

One | Next Year's Planner!!
I've seen several memes about how the 2020 planner was the most useless purchase! I will say I found planning at the beginning of quarantine to be challenging, but I have still happily used my planner this year. 

In January, I shared that I started using the Erin Condren petitie series, and I am crazy about it! It's so customizable and practical. I also love that it comes in quarters, so I can thin out my planner as the year goes on. This year, the set is just as great and they really streamlined the design. I'm stoked. 

I went with the navy folio cover last year and it still looks brand new, so I'm happy to continue using it this year. 

Two | Mint Cookies Oil Blend
You may remember I recently tried out Revive essential oils, and loved them! I placed another order recently and mostly just replenished my supply of basics like lemon and peppermint. But, I decided last minute to throw the Mint Cookies blend into my cart. Guys, it's great! It makes your house smell like delicious peppermint patties! Those are Blake's favorite, so you know we are constantly diffusing this. 

I'm also IN LOVE with the Pumpkin Pie blend. If you don't get anything else, get the Pumpkin Pie. If you are new to Revive. you can use my link and get $10 towards your first purchase. (All orders ship free, which is my favorite part.) 

Three | Sephora Eyeshadow Palette
Last week I shared a new favorite drugstore mascara, and I am all about good but cheap makeup! There are a select few products that I just haven't found a good dupe for yet though. One of them is Kat Von D's tattoo liner. It's just the best! There isn't Sephora particularly close by, so I made an online order and was browsing a bit when I saw these Sephora brand eyeshadow palettes

Not only is the price reasonable, but I also really loved that the shades were designed to match your skin tone. I went with medium warm, and loveee the colors. It has both matte and shimmery shades for lots of combos.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you are excited about this week! Did you get any special deliveries?


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