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Unsponsored Revive Essential Oil Review

Monday, August 24, 2020

Is it just me, or does it seem like every girl from High School is selling essential oils these days? No hate here, as I am all about women working hard to support their family. And, I'm an essential oil fan! It's just that the big essential oil companies rub me the wrong way. I don't like the pressuring your friends and family to buy things aspect, but mostly, I'm just always on the hunt for a good deal. And hey, I get it, high quality products are going to cost more. 

Revive Essential Oil Review (Unsponsored) |

I first heard about Revive through a Facebook ad of all places. The amount of positive comments is what made me click. In short, Revive is a non MLM essential oil company that has like a hundred different oils and all excellent (3rd party tested) quality.

Always a skeptic, I waited a long time before ordering. I have been a big fan of NOW essential oils, and the oils I've gotten in my Grove Collaborative orders. NOW has a pretty big selection, but I have been delaying visiting my health food store because of the pandemic, and had run out of some of my favorite oils. And Grove has some nice oils I really like, but not very many to choose from. I was trying to use up what I had before ordering more, but I was really missing some of my favorites like Frankincense. 

After yet another Revive Facebook ad, I finally decided to give it a try! I was blown away at the selection. They had everything I had run out of and literally dozens of oils I had never even heard of. I ended up choosing 11 different oils for my first order, and wanted to share our experience, in case you are a budget essential oil person like me. 

What I Like:

Huge Selection

I didn't count, but it looks like there are hundreds of oils to choose from. Not to mention rollers, diffusers and carrier oils. 


These aren't the cheapest oils I've seen, but definitely the best quality for the price. It looks like most oils are between $8-$20, and some rarer ones upwards of $40-$50. 


The labels are nice and simple, which I think looks nice if you want to keep your oils out on display.


Obviously, I've only sampled less than a dozen of the oils, but so far everything has been excellent quality. I've noticed that you don't need as many drops the higher the quality oil, which means they last longer. 

Free Shipping

It's no secret that I believe shipping should always be free! I'm a huge fan that Revive offers free shipping on any order. 

Comparable Blends 

One thing that NOW doesn't do is copy cat blends to the big EO brands. I LOVE that Revive has a whole chart to help you find your favorite Doterra or Young Living blends within their range. More about my favorites further down. 

Not A Subscription

In 2020 we don't need another subscription service. I love that Revive is not a subscription service and you do not need to buy monthly minimums to keep up your account. 

What I Don't Like:


The box that our oils arrived in needs some work. You can tell the oils were supposed to be safe in a cardboard carrier, but they were all popped out of it and rolling around in the mail. Fortunately none of our bottles were damaged and arrived just fine.

No Samples

So far I can't find a way to sample an oil. I know some of the MLMs have small sample packs which is great if you want to smell something before you buy. Additionally our health food store has a giant display of NOW oils that you can sample. For the most part, I know which oils I like just by the names, but it would be nice to sample the more expensive, or speciality oils before purchasing. 

10ml Bottles

I think most of the big EO companies do 10ml bottles, but I had really gotten used to the bigger bottles from NOW or Grove. So far I've noticed the good quality of these oils means you need less drops, which should lend itself to the smaller bottles.

Oils We Tried

All Time Favorites: Rosemary, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Frankincense

These are some oils we use all the time. I can't believe I let myself run out of lavender and frank! I was so excited to replenish these, and even happier that they are such good quality. 


This was my least favorite of what we purchased. Neither Blake or I drink coffee. We love it when we have company visiting, because it's so nice to have the coffee scent in the house in the mornings. We tried this out to see if we could get the same thing going. It's very potent, so I'm going to try mixing it with vanilla or something else to tone it down. 

Stress Easy

This is a copycat for Young Living's Stress Away. It's delightful, and fresh. I smell mostly lime and vanilla, but there are some other oils in the blend. It smells like a vacation to me.

Pumpkin Pie

Move over fall scented candles!!! This blend is so so good and it smells just like pumpkin pie.


This oil is actually brown! But who doesn't love vanilla? So yummy and comforting.


This was the oil that really pushed me to buy. I've heard such good things about Young Living's Valor, but it's so expensive that I never wanted to buy. This is the same blend, only at a much better price. Verdict it still out on it for me, because I'm not a huge floral scent person. I would really like to make it a roller and test it out longer. Scents tend to grow on me as well, so I can see how I will grow to love this one. (Frankincense used to stink to me, but now I can't get enough.)

Citrus Delight

A true delight! This is a dupe for Doterra's Citrus Bliss, and it's devine. One of my new favorites that I can see diffusing all the time. 

All in all, I have been very impressed with Revive and have already added more oils to my cart to order in the future. Like everybody, I love it when my house smells good, and I think this is a great way to do it. Especially with blends like Pumpkin Pie that totally replace candles all together. 

I do have a referral link with Revive, and if you use it on your first order you get a $10 gift certificate! That's at least one free oil! They also have pretty nicely priced kits and that $10 would be a great discount.

Let's chat in the comments below! What do you think about essential oils? Are you a fan? How do you feel about the MLMs that seem to be everywhere? What have you purchased from a Facebook ad?! 

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