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October Grove Collaborative Order

Monday, October 19, 2020

Grove Collaborative is an online store where I order the majority of my cleaning products, and lots of my beauty products as well! Because we get an order just about every month, I like to share what we ordered here on the blog. 

This months Grove order was larger than normal! There are definitely my old faithfuls here, but I am also excited to try some new things too. Here's what we got:

Rooted Facial Wipes

Reducing waste is something that I am actively working towards, so I'm sorry to say these wipes don't align with that at all. But, I have been really trying to make sure I do a full skin care routine before bed, and I find that I absolutely hate the face washing/makeup removing part. I hate enough to avoid doing it. One night when I was especially lazy, I reached for some of these wipes we had in our travel gear. They felt so nice, and it easily removed my eye make up. So, now I'm in the habit of using them. Like I said, I don't want to, but I also think it's important to take care of my skin.

I didn't need to confess all of that, but here we are. My hope is that once my habit of my evening skin care is a solid routine, I can then switch it up to a more sustainable face washing/makeup removing protocol. 

If disposable wipes don't bother you, you'll love these!

Honu Biotin

Recently, I shared my supplement routine! Biotin always helps my hair, but I'm really hoping that taking it more regularly will help with my nail situation. They are just always so weak and brittle!
Honu is a super great product line, and I've loved every vitamin I've tried. 

Rooted Micellar Water

As far as micellar waters, this is one of the best I've tried. It's really calming, has a great scent, and isn't too harsh. I use it with these reusable cotton pads

All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate

This cleaning concentrates are some of my all time favorite Grove products. I get a set in pretty much every Grove order. How great is it that they are eliminating plastic as a company?! These use to come in little plastic tubes, but now they come in mini glass jars. I am glad I have a mini funnel, because I imagine pouring them in the glass bottles won't be as easy as it was with the tubes.

Microfiber Cloth Set

I grabbed a set of these a few months ago, and fell in love with them. They are excellent cleaning cloths. I decided I wanted to eventually replace all of my cloths for Grove cloths. I'm going to do that slowly, but I've definitely been ruining my old cloths more frequently as we do chores around the house to get ready for our move. 

Konjac Sponge

Can you tell my interest in skincare has gone up recently? I picked up this sponge after seeing lots of beauty pros touting the benefits. It's a really neat sponge! It's hard as a rock until you wet it, and then it becomes very soft. I'm using it in conjunction with my face wash. I really like the extra deep clean, and the gentle exfoliation. Big plus that it's natural! 

Kitchen Gloves

Until we move, we are dishwasherless! That means gloves for washing dishes are a necessity. We both love these gender neutral gloves. I get the small/medium size, FYI. These are great, and I love the little hook for hanging them to dry. 

Walnut Sponges

Another month, another sponge! We get these absolutely every Grove order.  I actually had a bad batch last time, but I was assured by my Grove guide that it was a one time thing and they hadn't had any other complaints. So I'm giving them a go again! 

Method Toilet Cleaner

I remember loving this cleaner, and for some reason stopped using it. Probably because Walmart store brand is so cheap. But, we were out of toilet cleaner, and I decided to try this again. Seems like it used to be cheaper, but it's a really good sized bottle. We have a lot of cleaning in our future, so at least it will be with some fun products! 

Reusable Snack Bags

I honestly have a dozen of these, but you can't ever have enough! This was my free gift this month. We use these bags when packing our lunches, or even traveling. They are perfect for so many things! 

Grove Stain Stick

Super excited to try this out! I tried to get it before but it sold out rather quickly. I love the Tide To-Go pens, but find that they kind of stink. Anybody else? A couple of things I love about the Grove version already: It's a glass bottle, and the tip is reusable-so when you buy the refill they just send the glass bottle with the product inside. 

So, as you can see I'm still Grove Collaboratives biggest fan. It's so exciting to me that I can get great products in my small town that barely carries anything organic or sustainable! If you are new to Grove and you want to give it a shot, you can sign up with my link and get a ton of stuff for free! 

Leave a comment below and tell me what new things you've been trying!


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