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Monday, February 14, 2022

I'm constantly adding things to my Amazon cart or wish list, but almost always talk myself out of hitting check out! So, it was actually quite surprising to me to see just how many Amazon boxes we got this past month. But, there are some solid items on that list, so I thought it might be worth a share here today. 

Of course, these are the more "fun" purchases - we do buy some boring stuff on Amazon too. Garbage bags, dog food, and fridge filters were in our orders this month, but I didn't think you'd want to read about that. 

Striped Short Sleeved Dress

One day, I'd really like to completely transform my wardrobe into only comfy cotton dresses! I had a similar sleeveless dress I really really loved from Amazon and wore the heck out of. I knew it was time for a replacement so I ended up coming across this one with short sleeves in a variety of colors. First, I ordered it in navy, and then loved that one so much I ordered it in dark green as well. It comes in about a dozen other colors, so I might even end up with another. 

Black Smocked Dress

Again, I want to live in comfy dresses! It's just so easy to put one on, ya know? This is another winner. It's smocked at the top and has cute little ruffles at the sleeves. No pockets however. I've got my eye on the camel color next. 

Cloth Bowl Covers

In an effort to eliminate single use plastics, I made a switch to bees wax wraps - and really like them. But, they don't last forever and my biggest one got un-sticky. I stumbled across these cloth bowl covers and think it's the perfect solution. They have some elastic on them and come in 3 sizes, so they fit every bowl we've got. 

Pasta Bowls

I talked about these bowls in my recent recipe post, but we love them so much they are worth another mention! They are large plate sized bowls and perfect for just about any meal. We love to make big salads, and these are just right for that. 10/10 - so much so that my mom saw them and immediately ordered her own set. 

Adhesive Acrylic Bin

I'm still working on my pantry organization! I ordered this set of two acrylic bins and LOVE how they work for our space. I'm using one in the pantry for zip locks, aluminum foil, etc. (I know I just said I am trying to eliminate single use plastics - but I promise we just use these once in awhile, when nothing else works!) Actually, it's a great spot for the bowl covers mentioned above. 

The other is in our coat closet and I've been using it to store sunscreen and pool accessories. (Florida life.)

Over the Sink Drainer

Every day I am grateful for our dishwasher! I can't believe we went so long without one, but our old house was built 70 years ago! Between our butcher block and cast iron skillet and all the things that don't go in the dishwasher...I'll never be done handwashing officially, of course. The countertops in our new place are very absorbent so I don't love letting dishes dry on them. Ended up with this over the sink strainer and it's ideal! Love it and use it daily. 

Laptop Stand

I actually got a laptop stand sometime ago, and my dad stole it! He borrowed it for something and he loved it so much I felt bad taking it back. But, I have come to *need* one, so I picked up another! This time in champagne gold. 😍

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Leave a comment below: How often do you get Amazon packages? Are you the kind of person who orders everything online, or just once in awhile? 

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