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Pantry Organization

Monday, November 8, 2021

One of my favorite features of our new place is the giant pantry! I've been playing around with it the last few months, and have found a couple of great storage options I thought I'd share today. You can't go wrong with a good acrylic organizer! 

Here's a general look at the pantry. Tons of shelves, and floor space too. I'm still looking for the right solution to storing both our surplus soda cans and canned goods. There are a lot of options, but it seems like most of the can organizers I have found are too long for these shelves. But, I'm keeping an eye out!

I'm using some of these clear air tight canisters from Walmart for our dry goods, and I labeled them with a set of decals from my Etsy shop.

The navy blue plastic bins are from the Dollar Tree. I grabbed a bunch of these when we moved and was able to use them all over the house. They work great in the pantry because they are easy to wipe out. I use them to store jars, prepackaged goods and snacks, and paper products. 

I can't get enough of these lazy susans! They were scarce at Walmart when The Home Edit came out on Netflix, but I was able to score two of them. I use these to store jars of olive oil, vinegars and other cooking ingredients. Then, I have an additional one on the lowest shelf to store Pug stuff. When you have 3 dogs they come with a lot of random odds and ends like waterless shampoo, medicines and nail trimmers. 

This expanding tiered shelf was a great buy! It's giant, and I could keep expanding it more than I have. I'm using it to organize our spices and vitamins. I will say it's definitely too shallow for canned goods, but big enough for large spice containers. As much as I love the look of decanted spices, I feel like it's too impractical for me at the moment. 

And finally, and elegant solution to storing water bottles! This is a stackable organizer, so you can get as many as you have water bottles. 

P.S. You might spy Barqs Diet Root Beer above...that's my latest addiction. It's so delicious! Diet soda can be pretty gross, but I have to say Barqs tastes literally exactly the same. 😋

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Do you have a pantry space in your home? What's your organization strategy? Are you a fan of decanting food, or do you like original packaging? 

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