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1 Kings 3:9
"So grant your servant an obedient heart to judge you people, to discern between good and bad..."

Like Solomon did at 1 Kings 3:9, it would be completely appropriate to ask Jehovah for an obedient heart. We can develop that obedient heart by reading the Bible and applying what we learn. A heart that is obedient is a protection, it gives us peace of mind and will help us to maintain a good relationship with Jehovah. 

xoxo Kristen
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Bible Highlights: 1 Kings 3-6

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today I turn 25! Holy moly I can't believe how you can just blink and time rushes by. I know I have so much life to live ahead, but I can't help but feel a little grounded when thinking about age. Not only am I getting older, but everyone around me is too. My mom had to start dying her gray hairs, kids I babysat are now driving, I've already been married 5 years...the list goes on. 
My mom and I were just talking about my brother and how he stayed out really late one night. I was shocked, I knew my parents would have never allowed me to stay out that late. Then my mom said, 'well you were married at his age.' What! I know I got married young, but my little baby brother could not be that old.
It's just been boggling my mind lately! But, after thinking about it (obsessing really) I have made peace with it. Because, getting older and growing up is okay! I am so happy where I am in life, and I wouldn't go back to 20, or any other age. I know this year will be better than last, even though 24 will be hard to top! If I could speak to my younger self, which would be both cool and totally weird, I'd have a lot to say.

One// Kid Me
-Let people call you Kris. Don't worry it's not a boy's name. The people who call you that are your close friends and family. They love you and it's endearing. You will love it one day. The people who call you Kris in your future have known you the longest and love you the most. 

-Be a little nicer to your brother and sister. You are so mean to them. But, they will become two of your favorite people and you will love them more than anything. Being a big sister is hard, because they will look up to you forever. 

-Just listen to mom and dad. You will fight this for a long time! Eventually you will see that when you listen to your parents, you are blessed. Fighting them just makes both of you tired and angry. They will love you all the more for your willingness to cooperate and to make their job easier. 

Two// Teenage Me
-Stay a kid as long as you can. You've got friends who are in a real hurry to grow up and you don't need to be like them. They will pressure you to wear makeup and shave your legs and to have crushes on boys. You don't need to for a long time. 

- All the kids at school will be talking about all the things they are doing whether it's drugs or having sex. 90% of them are lying. Don't feel left out, and be proud of who you are and the decisions you've made.

- Learn to drive stick sooner! Your parents bought you that awesome car and you just let it sit in the driveway because you are scared of failing. Once they force you to drive it to school on the first day of 11th grade, you actually start to love driving stick. And you get great at it! Just be willing to stall a lot at first. No big deal! You will still stall once in a while years later. 

Three// Early Twenties Me
- It's okay not to have a lot of money. You grow up in a very comfortable life, but once you are out on your own you will really see the value of your money. It's okay not to have the latest and greatest things, you don't need to buy expensive clothes, and your house will suck so much of your paycheck. Learn to be comfortable with less, because you will live like that for a few years. Don't worry though, Blake gets a promotion eventually and you learn how to coupon. 

- Blossom where you are planted. You may not enjoy your circumstances, but you can make the absolute best of any situation. People will praise your positivity and you will be so much happier. 

- Wear sunscreen!! You will thank me later.

24 will be so hard to top!

 Leave me a comment: What would you say to yourself in the past? What would you say to your future self? How did you feel about turning 25? 

xoxo Kristen


I'm Watching:  Anybody else think that this season of the Bachelorette is the best yet?? It's so dramatic and I think every episode has had something crazy happen! Who else is team Shawn B??

I'm Reading:  I loved Carly's post this week about Quarter Life Crossroads. I am turning 25 next week and have been feeling the exact same way. A mixture of complete happiness about where my life is, yet unsettledness because of my life isn't exactly how I thought it would be at this point. It's a super weird feeling to explain, but she totally puts it into words.

I'm Listening To:
Somebody New by Joywave Have I shared this song before? I'm not sure, but I'm still loving it if I had. 

I'm Wishing For: I finally decided to get the Lilly Agenda in Tusk In Sun! I just have to order it. I already have so many things to write in it! Our year is flying by.

I Need To: I have several new favorite outfits that I'd love to share! So next on the list is getting my sweet husband to take some photos for me...

I'm Looking Forward To: Is it weird that I am excited to help my parents move today?? I love being useful and I am so looking forward to helping organize their adorable new condo.

I'm Making: My brother in law entrusted me with putting together a website for his DJ business. I just have a tiny bit of experience, so it was so nice to be asked! After a whole afternoon of trial and error, I am really proud of how it turned out. You can check it out at and tell me what you think!! I'm am so open to suggestions. He seems very happy with it, so I feel good about it. 

Favorite Moment of the Week: Getting to spend time with my niece and nephews! We've been so busy (I feel like I say that so much) so we had to make it a priority this week to spend time with them. Here are some gratuitous pictures of my nephews that I took this week! Zane is 1 month old and Carter is 1 year old. 


Leave me a comment: I want to know what you guys are up to this week! 

xoxo Kristen

This Week: June 26th

Friday, June 26, 2015

This post contains affiliate links, but I was not paid to tell you about our favorite pug stuff! I just genuinely like these things.

I have so enjoyed sharing some of my favorite things in the past few months! I definitely pick favorites and tend to stick with them with very little deviation. Now that we have been pug parents for 4 years, we have found some specific things you just have to have to go along with your pug.

Pugs are the best dogs, but they do require a few accessories! Mainly products to help keep their hair from getting everywhere and their wrinkles from getting stinky. I had intended on getting 100 amazingly adorable pug photos for this post, but my sweet pug decided to be a diva during her photoshoot. I wanted her to sit like a perfect angel next to her basket of goodies, but she refused to get anywhere near I did my best! 

Hover to Pin!

I have done an entire post on the Puppia and how much a love it. Pugs have to wear harnesses because of their necks, and the Puppia is super adjustable and comfortable for them. They come in so many colors and really hold up well over time. I think we've had our one Puppia collar since Delly has been full grown. (Delly wears a Large)

Two // FURminator
A de-shedding tool is mandatory if you have a pug! Sometimes we can't believe the amount of hair that Delly sheds! The only way to manage it is by brushing her at least every other day. The Furminator is great, and they even have a vacuum attachment to suck up the hair as you brush. Brillant!! Well only if your dog isn't scared of the vacuum. 

Three // Grooming Wipes
Our sweet pug has some pretty dang deep wrinkles! So much crud can get in there. We use grooming wipes (really they are just baby wipes!) to clean her wrinkles. She doesn't enjoy it very much, but we don't enjoy stinky pugs very much.

This is the best invention for those stinky days when you just don't feel like a full bath. You just spray it on their fur and rub it in a little. It is a life saver. 

Five // Nylabone
Our sweet pug can go to town on a Nylabone!! It keeps her occupied for hours and it helps keep those teethers clean. We started using these when we were training Delly as a puppy to keep her from chewing on important things. If we caught her chewing on a shoe or something, we would give her the nylabone instead. It worked! She likes to stash these bones all over the place too. I'll find them in the the bed...she is a little hoarder! 

These are things we can't live without Pug wise. Although there are a few other things we love too! We love stuffingless toys and Softies Dog Treats! Also, we are major Science Diet fans-and she definitely can't live without that! So leave me a comment: What are your favorite pug or doggy supplies? Anything you can't live without? Have you tried any of my favorites?

Top 5 Can't Live Without: Pug Stuff

Thursday, June 25, 2015

1 Kings 1:11-12
"Nathan then said to Bathsheba Solomon's mother: 'Have you not heard Adonijah...has become king, and our lord David does not know anything about it? So now come, please, and let me advise you, so that you may save your own life and the life of your son Solomon."

Nathan knew that Solomon was supposed to be king, but when he found out Adonijah was trying to steal the kingship he acted with tact and loyalty when he spoke to Bathsheba at 1 Kings 1:11, 12. We can try to be loyal like Nathan by upholding Jehovah's arrangements and standing up for the right thing. 

xoxo Kristen
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Bible Highlights: 1 Kings 1-2

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'm Watching: Did you know all the seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians are on Hulu?? Totally one of my guilty pleasures. I've been mindlessly watching as I get chores done, and it makes time go by so much faster. Also really entertaining is their slow transformations with various cosmetic surgeries. 

I'm Reading: As much as I LOVED Jurassic World, the internet has gone too crazy with all the posts about it. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the various Buzzfeed articles about it. Like this one about how much it would cost to actually build a dinosaur theme park, or this one about how scientifically inaccurate the movie is (duhh). Also enjoying all of the Chris Pratt posts, haha.

I'm Listening To: This is by far the hardest decision to make! I listen to a lot of music, and a lot of the same music all the time, so sharing one song is a challenge! This week I'm feelin': Middle Distance Runner by Sea Wolf

I'm Wishing For: Okay, how cute is this Midi skirt from Loft??

I Need To: Right now I'm working on my closet. I need to get rid of stuff!! I have so many clothes, most of which I don't really like anymore. My sister and I hit up a favorite consignment store this week and I got like 6 new-to-me tops for like $25! That just means I need to part with a few items that have been pushed aside for my newer things. But, really I need to stop buying things all together.

I'm Looking Forward To: Another dinner tomorrow night with friends we haven't been with in a while!

I'm Making: This week I noticed my friend had on some really unique stacking wire bangles, turns out she made them! She just studied one she bought and after experimenting, made her own with some cool beads. She really inspired me to try to make some myself! 

Favorite Moment of the Week: On Tuesday I had the best day at the beach with my friend Laura and her girls! We have been trying to go to the beach forever, but every time we made plans it seems like there was rain in the forecast. It was worth the wait! We did all the usual things: drip castles and boogie boarding. I kept reapplying sunscreen, but still managed to get a little burnt! That Florida sun is no joke!

  How was your week?! 

xoxo Kristen

This Week: June 19th

Friday, June 19, 2015

2 Samuel 22:26
"With someone loyal you act in loyalty..."

David experienced disloyalty a lot, even his own son betrayed him. So we can see how important Jehovah's loyalty must have been to to him in chapter 22:26. In the same way, no matter how many humans let us down we can be confident that Jehovah will be there for us as long as we are loyal to him. 

xoxo Kristen
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Bible Highlights: 2 Samuel 22-24

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I have had Tree to Tree Adventures on my bucket list for a long time. I grew up going to the Tallahassee Museum (it used to be called the Junior Museum!). A few years ago they added an awesome zip lining course that toured the whole park. It's gorgeous property and adding this course was a great way to highlight some of the 'Florida-esque' scenery. 
We have had a really busy year so far with every weekend full of something to do, so when a weekend was coming with nothing planned I didn't know what to do with myself. Naturally I made more plans-I can't help it I guess! 
We spent Saturday afternoon doing this zip lining course! Protip: If you try it, go first thing in the morning because man was it hot. It's very shady in the park but I still managed to sweat buckets. 
You start with a safety meeting and they tell you everything you need to know for your unguided tour. I suggest wearing shorts and a tee shirt for comfort. Exercise clothes would be fine too. Also wear longer shorts because the harness will rub on your legs. Oh and tennis shoes!! I banged my toe on one of the obstacles, and I think I would have broken it without good shoes.
There are 2 courses. The first includes obstacles and 2 zip lines. I am SO glad that we decided to do the full experience even though it was more expensive. The first course just left us wanting more! 
I'm not going to lie, it's challenging! I'm sore in all kinds of places. 
The second course is where you get your money's worth. It's almost all zip lining and you are way higher off the ground, which also means higher speeds! You zip over cypress swamps and animal enclosures. There is so much to see! I haven't been to the Tallahassee museum in years, so it was really cool to take Blake there. Lots of memories!! 
The blogger in me was dying because there really isn't a way to take pictures. You can't carry anything with you, because your hands are basically occupied the whole time. Next time I will bring my running arm band to keep my phone in so I can take more pictures. It's so beautiful in some places, you will want to take pics! (The museum really should offer the ones on roller coasters! They could make a ton of money. But who asked me.)
I am so not good with heights and this didn't bother me at all! I get shaky legs just being out on a balcony, so I wasn't sure how I'd handle being up 60 feet off the ground in a tree. But, you are attached to safety lines at all times by two hooks. Really all you have to worry about is dropping your gloves! 
Braking was difficult, but I got the hang of it after a few attempts. I would love to get better at judging how soon I need to slow down. They have yellow bird houses along each zip, and that is the signal to start slowing down. The problem is when you stop too soon and you have to pull yourself up to the next platform. It's not too difficult to do, but it will wear you out much faster. 
By the last obstacle, I was dying. I'm not in terrible shape, but the combination of the heat and strenuous activity was...unpleasant. When we do it again I will definitely eat more before we start and go when it's cooler. Overall though we couldn't stop saying how much fun we had and how we can't wait to do it again! 
My brother was able to take a few pictures on his phone and he even got a lovely video of me on the very last zip line when they bring you back down to the ground. I wasn't very smooth at all because I was exhausted and I was totally scared I was going to faceplant into the big pile of sand they have to slow you down! The slo-mo doesn't really help either!

We had so much fun this weekend. In addition to zip lining we got to spend lots of time with my parents, try out a new lunch place, see some friends, and we saw Jurassic World! Which I loved by the way!! Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite movies, so I had pretty high expectations. Usually that means you're disappointed, but I wasn't at all, I thought it was awesome! Blake is begging me for a relaxed weekend at home next weekend, so we will see if I can bare it. We do have a lot to do around the house, so maybe it is a good idea. 

Leave me a comment: Have you ever been zip lining?! What did you guys do this weekend?!

xoxo Kristen

Tree to Tree Adventures

Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm Watching: Can we talk about how hard it would be to be an actor or actress?? I was so impressed with this video of Bryce Dallas Howard crying on command. I can barely control my crying when I am actually sad, much less cry on command. It's so impressive to me!

I'm Reading: Still reading: Outlander. I've had like zero reading time lately, but I really want to finish this! I'm looking into Kindle Unlimited for audiobooks because I feel like that is the only way I can 'read' all the books on my list any time soon.

I'm Listening To: Back To You by Twin Forks Super catchy and has been in my head for a few days. 

I'm Wishing For:  I'm so ready to order my 2016 Lilly agenda...just having trouble deciding between these two designs. They are so cute and I love all the stickers and things that come with it. Your input is greatly appreciated! It's between Wild Confetti or Tusk in Sun:

I Need To: I am doing a squat challenge with some friends (I love the accountability!!) and I haven't done today's squats. We are up to 100! It's not too hard, because it's just body weight..but once you start getting to those high numbers your form can fail. I'm going to have to start splitting them up into sets.

I'm Looking Forward To: Tomorrow is going to be SO fun! We are doing a zip-line course! Hopefully the weather will hold out. Expect a full recap of that! 

I'm Making: We are going to try an Orange Chicken Stir Fry recipe and if it's any good, I'm going to share! 

Favorite Moment of the Week: Actually that is happening right now! My sweet husband came to work with me today. He is working from his laptop of course, but I just love it when he is around. He makes such a cute lunch date! 

Leave me a comment: What's up with you guys this week?? And don't forget to weigh in on my great agenda debate.

xoxo Kristen

This Week: June 12th

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer vacations were filled with 1 of 2 things: being in the pool or watching tv. I vividly remember lying on the floor, feet propped up on the tv cabinet, eating a dripping popsicle and watching Nickelodeon. Or the Disney channel, if I was visiting my Grandma. 
I loved TV. My mom even had to put a limit on the time we watched it. Which was really smart and loving because I probably would have watched it for hours. Now, tv watching is a luxury. We don't even have cable! Every once in awhile I will get sick and be able to do some serious binge watching. 
Ok, so I usually have really good taste in shows! I swear! Blake and I have a few favorites we watch together...Person of Interest...The Flash....we were both huge Lost fans. (I see a Sci-Fi trend forming here.)
But...there are a few guilty pleasure shows that I watch when he isn't around. Blake is not afraid to tell me a show sucks, and he will not relent until I change the channel! So I save these shows for when he isn't watching:
I am not afraid to admit that I love this show! It's over dramatic and ridiculous and unrealistic. While I know all of those things I still watch every Monday! It's so entertaining! I love that I have a few girlfriends who also watch and we can talk about it the next day. I do have the hardest time not looking up spoilers! I want to root for the right person! The Bachelorette is on right now, and it is seriously one of the best seasons yet. 

So Blake watched the first two-three seasons with me when I caught up on Netflix..but he made fun of it the whole time! It's another silly and dramatic show. I wasn't as into this season for obvious reasons...killing off main characters is just wrong. 

Three// Gossip Girl
I caught up on GG on Netflix and then watched the last season on tv. I'll admit I only watched this show for the clothes!! Such cute outfits...But, I'm not quite sure how I felt about the ending! I'm not sure the writers knew where they were going until the end. 

This is a show that I end up crying watching every time! I just get so happy for these people who work so hard! It is super impressive. A side reason why I like this show is I always feel like working out after I watch! Kind of like Hoarders makes me want to throw everything away. 

Ugh, another one I hate to admit to! I don't actually watch this one regularly, like I said before we don't have cable. I feel like it's always on when I go over to my sister's, and we end up watching like 3 episodes in a row. It's addicting! I hate that I even like it, because the family is super crazy and ridiculous. But, they are very entertaining and they all seem to love each other. 

Leave me a comment: What shows do you consider guilty pleasures? Do you feel bad when you admit you watch them?? Any suggestions on what I should watch next? 

xoxo Kristen

Guilty Pleasures: TV Shows

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2 Samuel 21:15, 17
"Once again there was war between the Philistines and Israel. So David and his servants went down and fought the Philistines, but David became exhausted...At once Abishai the son of Zeruiah came to his aid and struck the Philistine down..."

We can imagine how grateful David must have been in 2 Samuel 21: 15-17 when Abishai came to his aid when he was almost killed by a Philistine. In our lives we may have 'giant' obstacles. Sometimes it will be easy to face those challenges, and sometimes we will need some help. We should gladly accept that help and also be aware of what others are going through so that we can help them. 

xoxo Kristen
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Bible Highlights: 2 Samuel 19-21

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This past Friday our tiny town did something actually pretty cool. In a place that usually does things backwards, it was nice to see this little community highlight some of it's strengths! The 1st Friday of the month, all summer, is 'Downtown Friday'. Vendors come out and set up tents, bands play, Firefighters show off their trucks...and my brother in law, Bryan, sets up his giant outdoor movie screen! There is a cute little green space downtown where a few old buildings were demolished, and it's the perfect place to set something like this up. 
In a town where there isn't too much to do, I think this is such an awesome idea! It reminds me so much of the things that I had growing up in a bigger city. Small towns need to highlight their charm! There was such a nice turnout, and the weather was actually great for the summer. The 1st Friday in August may be a different story though...
We saw so many friends who had walked over from their nearby houses. We could have walked over too, but it wasn't appealing to carry our camping chairs all the way over. Okay, so it's only like 1 mile away, but I was feeling lazy if we are being honest. 
Bryan did a great job and I hope that he will gain new business from these movie nights! I'm seriously considering asking him to set the screen up in our backyard and somehow project football games this fall...

Leave me a comment: Does your town do any outdoor events? Wouldn't you so much rather go to a free movie outside than pay a gazillion dollars at a theater?!

xoxo Kristen

Downtown Friday

Monday, June 8, 2015

I'm Watching: Netflix randomly recommended Continuum for us to watch. Obviously we watch a lot of Sci-Fi. It had 5 stars, so I thought we'd try it. It's really good! It is about a detective from 2077 who accidentally finds herself in the past (2012) with some criminals. It's complicated because she wants to change the past without changing too much of the future-because that's where her family is. 
I think this show is still on. It's Canadian, so I think that's why I had never heard of it before. Anyway, so far we really like it! 

I'm Reading: Still reading: Outlander 

I'm Listening To: Renegades by X Ambassadors

I'm Wishing For: I'm currently changing out some of my living room accessories for a more beachy summery look. I've gotten a few throw pillows and frames. Now I'm looking for cool trinkets like: This one or this one

I Need To: Yesterday I took photos for a house that is going on the market, and next I have to make a flier for it. My mom is a Realtor and she so graciously lets me help her with that stuff. I love doing it! 

I'm Looking Forward To: Tonight my brother-in-law's DJ business is doing an outdoor movie night downtown. It's going to be so fun and something cool/different for us to go to. Hopefully it is a nice night and there is a good turn out. His outdoor movie screen is awesome! 

I'm Making: So making this again! I could seriously eat the whole bowl myself.

Favorite Moment of the Week: I had the day off on Wednesday! It's so nice to not have to set an alarm, and to have a leisurely day. It's not like I didn't do anything all day..I did some chores, some grocery shopping and some netflixing...Everyone needs a day like that often!

What are you guys up to this week??

xoxo Kristen

This Week: June 5th

Friday, June 5, 2015

Whoopsie, forgot to do Currently Lovings for April & May! I am trying to do these posts monthly because I am always picking up new things to try and finding new favorites. We did a lot of shopping last month, and I am slowly changing out the accessories in our living room, so I do have a lot of new things to share. Here are 5 of my current favorite things:

I picked up these cuties at Office Depot! I can't find the exact cards online, but I think you will be able to find them in the store. I love these! I have a huge weakness for stationary and I love finding cute cards. Did I need them? Not at all, but I can't wait to use them. 

Two// Octopus Toss Pillow

I'm having so much fun finding new accessories for our living room! I'm going with more nautical theme. HomeGoods had the cutest beach stuff, including this pillow! I kind of have a slight obsession with all things Kraken related, so when I saw this toss pillow-it had to be mine! Hopefully it will stand up well to pug hair. 

Three// Dole Whip Pineapple Air Freshener

I picked this up from the gift shop last time we were at Disney. We love Dole Whips! This is such a cute air freshener and a fun reminder of the parks. They also have Mickey Ice Cream Bar and Turkey Leg(barf!!) air fresheners, which is hilarious. 

I'm not a huge lipstick person, in fact I can't remember the last time I even owned a lipstick! Lip gloss is more my speed. I think it's because I always pick the wrong shade for my face, and it looks silly. I came across this shade on Pinterest and thought it looked like a perfect nude shade. Amazon has it for less than 4 bucks! I love it and it's just the right amount of color. 

Everything in my Bath and Body Works purchase (buy 3 get 3 baby!) was some sort of beachy, summery coconut smell. Loving summer, can you tell?? My favorite so far has been Tahiti Island Dream. Especially the body scrub...Ah-mazing! 

Leave me a comment: Do we share any favorites?? Tell me what you are currently loving!

xoxo Kristen

Currently Loving: June

Thursday, June 4, 2015

When I was asked to bring something to Staci's Housewarming party, I knew instantly what I wanted to make! It was going to be an outdoor party, and I thought I watermelon salad would be perfect for a summer evening. I hunted for recipes that looked yummy and was inspired by this one
I got so many compliments on this dish and I know we will make it again. Next time I might experiment and add more ingredients! I think red onion and feta cheese would be a nice addition. 
Hover to Pin!
In a large bowl combine the following:
5 cups chopped chilled watermelon
2 cups halved cherry tomatoes
2 cups halved red grapes
3 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt to taste
2 tablespoons fresh chopped mint
2 tablespoons fresh chopped basil


You can use regular balsamic vinegar, but white balsamic is lighter and because it's clear, it doesn't affect the color of your salad. You can find it next to all the other vinegars in your grocery store. I had to look for a minute, but there was some at my store. And if I can find it at my tiny grocery store, I'm sure you can too! 

xoxo Kristen

Watermelon Salad

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


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