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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today I turn 25! Holy moly I can't believe how you can just blink and time rushes by. I know I have so much life to live ahead, but I can't help but feel a little grounded when thinking about age. Not only am I getting older, but everyone around me is too. My mom had to start dying her gray hairs, kids I babysat are now driving, I've already been married 5 years...the list goes on. 
My mom and I were just talking about my brother and how he stayed out really late one night. I was shocked, I knew my parents would have never allowed me to stay out that late. Then my mom said, 'well you were married at his age.' What! I know I got married young, but my little baby brother could not be that old.
It's just been boggling my mind lately! But, after thinking about it (obsessing really) I have made peace with it. Because, getting older and growing up is okay! I am so happy where I am in life, and I wouldn't go back to 20, or any other age. I know this year will be better than last, even though 24 will be hard to top! If I could speak to my younger self, which would be both cool and totally weird, I'd have a lot to say.

One// Kid Me
-Let people call you Kris. Don't worry it's not a boy's name. The people who call you that are your close friends and family. They love you and it's endearing. You will love it one day. The people who call you Kris in your future have known you the longest and love you the most. 

-Be a little nicer to your brother and sister. You are so mean to them. But, they will become two of your favorite people and you will love them more than anything. Being a big sister is hard, because they will look up to you forever. 

-Just listen to mom and dad. You will fight this for a long time! Eventually you will see that when you listen to your parents, you are blessed. Fighting them just makes both of you tired and angry. They will love you all the more for your willingness to cooperate and to make their job easier. 

Two// Teenage Me
-Stay a kid as long as you can. You've got friends who are in a real hurry to grow up and you don't need to be like them. They will pressure you to wear makeup and shave your legs and to have crushes on boys. You don't need to for a long time. 

- All the kids at school will be talking about all the things they are doing whether it's drugs or having sex. 90% of them are lying. Don't feel left out, and be proud of who you are and the decisions you've made.

- Learn to drive stick sooner! Your parents bought you that awesome car and you just let it sit in the driveway because you are scared of failing. Once they force you to drive it to school on the first day of 11th grade, you actually start to love driving stick. And you get great at it! Just be willing to stall a lot at first. No big deal! You will still stall once in a while years later. 

Three// Early Twenties Me
- It's okay not to have a lot of money. You grow up in a very comfortable life, but once you are out on your own you will really see the value of your money. It's okay not to have the latest and greatest things, you don't need to buy expensive clothes, and your house will suck so much of your paycheck. Learn to be comfortable with less, because you will live like that for a few years. Don't worry though, Blake gets a promotion eventually and you learn how to coupon. 

- Blossom where you are planted. You may not enjoy your circumstances, but you can make the absolute best of any situation. People will praise your positivity and you will be so much happier. 

- Wear sunscreen!! You will thank me later.

24 will be so hard to top!

 Leave me a comment: What would you say to yourself in the past? What would you say to your future self? How did you feel about turning 25? 

xoxo Kristen

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