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This Week: June 5th

Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm Watching: Netflix randomly recommended Continuum for us to watch. Obviously we watch a lot of Sci-Fi. It had 5 stars, so I thought we'd try it. It's really good! It is about a detective from 2077 who accidentally finds herself in the past (2012) with some criminals. It's complicated because she wants to change the past without changing too much of the future-because that's where her family is. 
I think this show is still on. It's Canadian, so I think that's why I had never heard of it before. Anyway, so far we really like it! 

I'm Reading: Still reading: Outlander 

I'm Listening To: Renegades by X Ambassadors

I'm Wishing For: I'm currently changing out some of my living room accessories for a more beachy summery look. I've gotten a few throw pillows and frames. Now I'm looking for cool trinkets like: This one or this one

I Need To: Yesterday I took photos for a house that is going on the market, and next I have to make a flier for it. My mom is a Realtor and she so graciously lets me help her with that stuff. I love doing it! 

I'm Looking Forward To: Tonight my brother-in-law's DJ business is doing an outdoor movie night downtown. It's going to be so fun and something cool/different for us to go to. Hopefully it is a nice night and there is a good turn out. His outdoor movie screen is awesome! 

I'm Making: So making this again! I could seriously eat the whole bowl myself.

Favorite Moment of the Week: I had the day off on Wednesday! It's so nice to not have to set an alarm, and to have a leisurely day. It's not like I didn't do anything all day..I did some chores, some grocery shopping and some netflixing...Everyone needs a day like that often!

What are you guys up to this week??

xoxo Kristen

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