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Top 5 Can't Live Without: Pug Stuff

Thursday, June 25, 2015

This post contains affiliate links, but I was not paid to tell you about our favorite pug stuff! I just genuinely like these things.

I have so enjoyed sharing some of my favorite things in the past few months! I definitely pick favorites and tend to stick with them with very little deviation. Now that we have been pug parents for 4 years, we have found some specific things you just have to have to go along with your pug.

Pugs are the best dogs, but they do require a few accessories! Mainly products to help keep their hair from getting everywhere and their wrinkles from getting stinky. I had intended on getting 100 amazingly adorable pug photos for this post, but my sweet pug decided to be a diva during her photoshoot. I wanted her to sit like a perfect angel next to her basket of goodies, but she refused to get anywhere near I did my best! 

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I have done an entire post on the Puppia and how much a love it. Pugs have to wear harnesses because of their necks, and the Puppia is super adjustable and comfortable for them. They come in so many colors and really hold up well over time. I think we've had our one Puppia collar since Delly has been full grown. (Delly wears a Large)

Two // FURminator
A de-shedding tool is mandatory if you have a pug! Sometimes we can't believe the amount of hair that Delly sheds! The only way to manage it is by brushing her at least every other day. The Furminator is great, and they even have a vacuum attachment to suck up the hair as you brush. Brillant!! Well only if your dog isn't scared of the vacuum. 

Three // Grooming Wipes
Our sweet pug has some pretty dang deep wrinkles! So much crud can get in there. We use grooming wipes (really they are just baby wipes!) to clean her wrinkles. She doesn't enjoy it very much, but we don't enjoy stinky pugs very much.

This is the best invention for those stinky days when you just don't feel like a full bath. You just spray it on their fur and rub it in a little. It is a life saver. 

Five // Nylabone
Our sweet pug can go to town on a Nylabone!! It keeps her occupied for hours and it helps keep those teethers clean. We started using these when we were training Delly as a puppy to keep her from chewing on important things. If we caught her chewing on a shoe or something, we would give her the nylabone instead. It worked! She likes to stash these bones all over the place too. I'll find them in the the bed...she is a little hoarder! 

These are things we can't live without Pug wise. Although there are a few other things we love too! We love stuffingless toys and Softies Dog Treats! Also, we are major Science Diet fans-and she definitely can't live without that! So leave me a comment: What are your favorite pug or doggy supplies? Anything you can't live without? Have you tried any of my favorites?

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