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Downtown Friday

Monday, June 8, 2015

This past Friday our tiny town did something actually pretty cool. In a place that usually does things backwards, it was nice to see this little community highlight some of it's strengths! The 1st Friday of the month, all summer, is 'Downtown Friday'. Vendors come out and set up tents, bands play, Firefighters show off their trucks...and my brother in law, Bryan, sets up his giant outdoor movie screen! There is a cute little green space downtown where a few old buildings were demolished, and it's the perfect place to set something like this up. 
In a town where there isn't too much to do, I think this is such an awesome idea! It reminds me so much of the things that I had growing up in a bigger city. Small towns need to highlight their charm! There was such a nice turnout, and the weather was actually great for the summer. The 1st Friday in August may be a different story though...
We saw so many friends who had walked over from their nearby houses. We could have walked over too, but it wasn't appealing to carry our camping chairs all the way over. Okay, so it's only like 1 mile away, but I was feeling lazy if we are being honest. 
Bryan did a great job and I hope that he will gain new business from these movie nights! I'm seriously considering asking him to set the screen up in our backyard and somehow project football games this fall...

Leave me a comment: Does your town do any outdoor events? Wouldn't you so much rather go to a free movie outside than pay a gazillion dollars at a theater?!

xoxo Kristen

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