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Port of Call: Ketchikan, Alaska

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The first port we visited on our Alaskan cruise was Ketchikan! It's a sweet little harbor town, that our cruise ship quickly overwhelmed. We took a taxi up to the trailhead for the Rainbird trail. This is a moderate trail normally, but because of a storm, this was a little more treacherous than usual. I was very nervous at the beginning, but we quickly ran into fellow hikers that said the rest of the way wasn't bad at all. I'm so glad we did this trail! 

You hike through a lush forest, and there are mini waterfalls - and then a great view when you get to the top. 
We did our favorite thing: hike and then go get a beer. We walked back into town and stopped at Bawden Street Brewery. It's SUPER tiny, but had delicious beer for us after our trek. I bought an Alaska sweatshirt at one of the many touristy gift shops before we hopped back on board. 


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