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Declutter Challenge Day 5 - Junk Drawer(s)

Monday, February 5, 2024

Welcome to day five of the Declutter Challenge! I shared the schedule here. Each day has a 10 minute task, and an option to kick it up a notch and declutter further.

Day five means we are clear out our junk drawers! If you want to take it to the next level, get rid of any paper clutter hanging out in your kitchen or drop zone.

Junk drawers are such a huge thing to tackle! It wasn't always this way, but we don't have a junk drawer at this point. I do have a 'utility drawer' in the kitchen though, and was able to take a few random things out of it. Calling it a junk drawer just makes it collect junk. There are a few tools and other items we reach for frequently though that I like to keep at hand in the utility drawer. 

Tips for junk drawers:
- Everything needs a home. So, if you have multiple homes for pens and pencils around the house - pick one and stick with it. 
- If you've put something in this drawer to put off dealing with it, now's the time.
- If you don't know what something is or what it does, it's okay to part with it. 
- Sorters or dividers are really helpful to keep a drawer from becoming chaos. 
- Remember this drawer is valuable real estate, not a place for trash. 

We did have a catch all drawer situation happening in our bedroom that was collecting paper. So I tackled that, and was able to clear the drawer completely. That felt great! Now, Blake's tablet and charger live in this drawer instead of a bunch of trash. 


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