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Monday, October 30, 2023

New (and Old!) Dishes and Silverware

Blake and I have been thinking we needed a new set of dinnerware for some time. Several of our plates had become warped somehow, maybe from the dishwasher. We also were missing so many spoons and forks! It was kind of strange. But, you know after having a set of dishes and silverware for over a decade - you expect that you'll need to replace them eventually. 

Recently, my grandmother was doing some decluttering, and asked if I wanted her small set of china that she acquired when she was 16 from a door to door salesman. My mom remembers this being the fancy set they never used! It's a gorgeous white plate with some foliage in the middle and a gold rim. I think they are beautiful - and the only pieces missing from the set are a some tea cups. ( is an excellent way to complete sets of things by the way! They've got this set, I'm just waiting to see the tea cups!) 

Anyway, to compliment these pretty plates, we chose an every day set from Target that are just awesome. Such a good price point too. And, for some fun - I went with a gold set of silverware. I love them so much. They weren't cheap, but I'm really happy with the overall look. 

Just a thought here, I really wish dinnerware was sold in sets of 6 instead of 4. I had to buy 2 sets of 4 to make 8, but I don't even have 8 chairs in our house. 

My Cousin's 15th Anniversary Party

We just got back from celebrating my cousin's 15th wedding anniversary, and it was such a great party! I was in their wedding party, so it just felt extra special to be there and see how they've grown. I got to wear my Gal Meets Glam dress that I scored on ThreadUp. 

There was a photo booth that was a huge hit! They came out with a thousand props and then your pictures were printed right then and there. Super fun, and a souvenir I'll treasure! 

2nd Hand Romper Tradition

So weird, but this is now the 3rd romper I've gotten second hand from Sandy's in Gainesville. If you are ever nearby, it's a fantastic resale store. They buy clothes outright, and it's always been a fun way to earn some extra cash. I tried on a couple things while in the store and ended up with a Lululemon tunic top that I think will be great for leggings this winter, and then this cute cute cute romper from Loft. It still had tags on it, so super score. I took this picture because I needed my sister to tell me if it fit okay, since it wasn't my normal size. It's actually one size up, but in petite - so it actually worked well.

I absolutely love buying clothes second hand. Hot tip though, you have to try everything on. And look in different sizes. Used clothing has been washed and worn, so it may not fit like you expect. Also, someone may have donated it because it didn't fit them right in the first place, so it could be an abnormal representation of that size. I say, love it or don't buy it. 

That's it from me! Hope you have a great week!


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