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2023 Gift Ideas for Anyone!

Friday, November 3, 2023

Gift giving is one of my favorite things. Is there a better feeling than nailing it, and finding the exact perfect thing for someone? Recently, my cousin said that she was just going to call me next time she needed to give a gift because she never has any ideas. So, I thought I'd throw together a post today with some of the things I'm always gifting.

Cheese Board and Date Night Kit

I always have fun putting these together. You can get a cheese board from somewhere like TJ Maxx, or go fancy and get some personalized from Mark and Graham. (Side bar: ANYTHING from Mark and Graham makes a fantastic classy gift. Most of the time I start in the clearance section and find something just perfect.) Once you have the cheese board I like to create a kit around it. I typically do a  'just add the cheese' type of kit with jam, honey, nuts, candy, crackers and wine. 

Aura Picture Frame

This is a 10/10 gift. Everyone has a million pictures on their phone, so this is such a cool way to actually see them. The best part about the Aura frame is that you can add family members or friends to your frame so that they can add their pictures. So, this is a perfect gift for in-laws or parents. My in-laws love their frame, and it's great because my sister in law can always add fresh pictures of the grandkids, and we can send pictures of the pugs. (😊)

Erin Condren Fleece Throws

I've gifted a dozen of these blankets. They are a great price point, and customizable. Who doesn't love a good throw for the couch? There are so many patterns, including Star Wars and one you can upload your own photos to.

Always Pans and Sheet Pans

You've already heard about my love of the Our Place pans here! They go one sale pretty frequently too. I love all the fun colors, but there are also some classic shades you can't go wrong with. Dare I say, I've gifted at least 5 of these pans? But, my very favorite piece in our whole collection is actually the sheet pan. It's just great and we use it all the time. Same thing, it comes in a variety of colors. 

Pura Smart Diffuser

I actually don't own one of these myself, but I've given multiple for gifts. This is a plug in diffuser with an app to help you control the scent levels. Their scents though, are where it's at. They have everything! Including popular candle scents like the Volcano scent everyone loves. My mom has 2 of these, one for upstairs and one for down. I absolutely love visiting her when she's got the Homesick Beach Cottage scent going! 

LL Bean Boat and Tote

These tote bags are so timeless and functional. With a bunch of color options and font choices - you can really tailor this to your recipient. I personally have 2 large totes, and 1 medium. With the large totes, I opted for the long handles, and with the medium I went with the short. I feel like the price is just right - and you could gift it on it's own or fill it with some goodies. 

Tell me below what your go-to gifts are these days!

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