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A Spring J Crew Factory Wishlist

Friday, March 10, 2023

Spring always gets me thinking about this day! I was wearing J Crew Factory then too.

Are you the type of person who spends an hour adding stuff to your cart, and then ends up deciding not to buy any of it? That's me too! I like to window shop, and add things to my wish list. And, if I think about it later - then I know I really want it and come back to consider actually checking out. One of my very favorite stores is J Crew Factory. It rarely lets me down. And, with spring upon us, I have to say I am itching to try out some more springy outfits. So, here's a little glimpse into what's hanging out in my cart at the moment. 

Orange Eyelet Top

If I have a weakness, it's fluttery sleeved tops. They just work with everything! Plus it adds a fun detail to an otherwise plain shirt. Love this color and the sleeves. 

Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Another thing I can't resist? A midi dress that looks comfy. This dress was advertised to me on social media, and that's what got me perusing J Crew's website in the first place.

Road Trip Sneakers

I have a pair of Addias sneakers that reminded me of these. I find myself constantly reaching for them! They just go with everything, and I know I'll be wearing them all summer. 

City Sneakers

Same with these! I liked the color scheme of these even better than the ones above! 

Linen Drawstring Pants

While I'm not sure these look like the most flattering pants, I know they would be the most comfortable. Sometimes I don't want to wear jeans, but shorts are right for the occasion either. I think these would be a great middle ground! Something easy to dress up or down. 

The Girlfriend Tee

My favorite tee shirt. I'm not ashamed to admit I own at least 6 colors. I have my eye on adding the marigold and the melon colors next. 

Smocked Tie Shoulder Top

I've actually had my eye on this top for some time! I just find it so precious. The only reason I haven't purchased it yet is I'm worried how it will look on my body type. I feel like it'll either be perfect or the worst thing I've ever put on, haha.

Tiered Midi Dress

Another gorgeous midi! I absolutely love my collection of J Crew midi dresses, and feel like this would fit right in. Click through and look at it on the model. I think it looks better on than in the flat lay. 

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