Florida doesn't offer much in the way of Spring, but it's still my favorite time of year! I don't have to bundle up to take the pugs outside, you get to start riding with the sunroof open, and we get the most gorgeous wildflowers you've ever seen. Sometimes the fields are carpeted so thick with these neon yellow flowers, it almost glows in the dark. With our lack of rain and the early heat, I know this gift won't be around much longer. Nor will my ability to wear jeans!! 

 Tee // Jeans // Sunglasses //Sneakers // Purse // Belt // Watch // Keychain // Earrings // Necklace //Hat
Photos by : Black Tie Cinema

This outfit is pretty much as 'me' as it gets. Preppy casual, I guess? That's why I fell head-over-heels for these shoes! I've tried Converses for a more casual sneaker, but I never felt the passion some people feel about them. These Sperry's are a totally different story. They are easy to slip on, comfortable, and they match every single thing in my casual closet. Not hard to do when everything I own is navy blue! 

Leave a comment below with your favorite part about this time of year! Are you an avid Converse fan? Am I the only one who is continually drawn to striped tee shirts, even though I already have several? 
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