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Friday, March 31, 2023

Walmart Brand Stanley Dupe | Ozark Trail Tumbler

Admittedly, I'm not one to jump on bandwagons. Especially when this particular bandwagon is a $60+ cup! However, I have been grossly neglecting my water consumption. Maybe it's a winter thing? I'm just not as thirsty when it's not 1,000 degrees outside. Anyway, when I saw this less than $15 dupe for the Stanley, I thought I'd give it a shot. I have to say...this cup is legit. The quality is awesome, I love the color, and I have absolutely been drinking more water because of it. Mission accomplished. I will say, it's really heavy when it's full though. 

Skylar Salt Air Perfume

It's been awhile, but I reviewed Skylar perfume here on the blog  When I tried the Discovery Set, I thought Vanilla Sky was my favorite at the time. Recently, I was at a friends house and she had the full bottle of Salt  Air on her dresser. I took a whiff and was in LOVE. I don't know what it is but maybe it just struck me differently. Anyway, she lovingly gave me an extra roller ball she had, and I have been obsessed with it. It's just SO good. Clean, fresh, a little unisex but not too masculine either. 

Here's my referral link for $10 towards a purchase of $25 with Skylar! That makes the Discovery Set only $15. Totally worth it. (and don't forget to activate cash back with Rakuten!)

Coconut Oil Hair Serum

If you've known me any length of time, you may notice that I go through 2 specific stages with my hair. Growing it out until I can't stand it anymore, and then I cut it all off, and repeat. I've been doing this my entire adult life. Well, I'm in the long hair stage now. But, I feel determined not to get sick of it to the point I want to go in for a big chop. When it gets long, I deal with some breakage, so I thought I'd give this hair serum a try. It's really helping! I used wayy to much the first time and ended up with greasy hair - but now that I know the right portion, it's absolutely helping with keeping it healthy. 

Ninja Creami

A Ninja Creami has been on our wishlist for ages! My sister bought us one for our anniversary this year, and we have been obsessed! It's a little overwhelming with all the recipes you can make. But, we found the holy grail. All it takes is a single can of pineapple chunks in juice. You freeze the contents of that can in the Ninja Creami containers and voila! You have a *better than Disney* Dole Whip! Oh my gosh, it's incredible. If we don't try any other recipes besides that one, I'm good. 

We made a batch after I went on a long afternoon run last week, and it was exactly what I needed!! So refreshing. 

Star Wars Spirit Jersey

Blake bought me this Star Wars spirit jersey and it's just so cute and fun! I love wearing an oversized tee, so it's really ideal. Make sure you size down as these run really big. 

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