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Life Lately #13

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Pug Jack Rogers Sandals

I'm sorry, but the world just needs to see these sandals!! My sister in law knows me SO well, and she got these for me. I'm obsessed. The tongue is my favorite part. 😂 It may surprise you, but I've never owned a pair of Jack Rogers before! Not only is the pug super cute, but I actually really love the white sandals. I know I will wear them all the time this summer. If you have had a pair of Jack Rogers before you know how hard they are to break in!! I'd love your tips if you have some. 

Kelsea's Bridal Shower

I'm just so happy to be back to having *real* non zoom celebrations! It's a fun excuse to get dressed up, and have a glass of champagne. Loved celebrating my friend Kelsea's bridal shower this past week. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I love putting together charcuterie boards. For this party, I made a board and an entire tiered tray. My brother and sister in law got me this cool charcuterie inspiration set and I used that to help me decorate it. Turned out so cute, and now I want another occasion to come up so I can make it again! 

I bought this chalkboard for my sister's baby shower in 2017 and have used it for just about every party since!

(Link to banner!)

Blake's New Lunch Accessories

I can't believe there was a time when we were bad about packing lunches. Now that we do it all the time, we realize just how much we were spending on eating lunch out in the past. I'm sure it was just a matter of getting into a groove and routine! In fact, most of the time I pack Blake's lunch because he's braving the cold morning walking a pug or two. He's got a new lunch box and Yeti mug and has just been so smug on his way out the door. 😊 But, I had to share the lunch box because it's a great size and I thought some of you might be in the market for a 'manly' looking, sizeable lunch box. Also, for what it's worth, we've gone through several cheaper mugs and have trashed them all - the Yeti really was made to last. 

My Mom Has A Stanley

Proof that my mom is cooler than me!! I walked into their house recently and saw this on the counter. She makes me smile. Anyway, she had me make a decal for it, and it just turned out too cute not to share. If you are in the market for a decal for your tumbler, hit me up over on Etsy! I sell names by the inch in a variety of colors and fonts. 

Ambiance on Youtube

This is something I love to turn on whenever I am working from home. If you search Ambiance on Youtube, you will get dozens of options. I like to select things that fit the season, like a cozy fireplace in the winter. But, my very favorite thing is to select a Disney themed ambiance. ( I love Soarin!) Having the park music fill my home is so fun! Recently I found a fake Resort hotel room screensaver and it just makes me smile. 

Sunning Pugs

When we owned our previous house, I would often spend some time every day outside with the pugs. Delly especially loved this time. I've felt kinda bad in our new house because we don't have a yard anymore so they don't get to do this much. I figured out a way to get a little sun on our side door boardwalk and they've been loving it. It's not glamorous, but it sure is cute.

Nephew Weekend

We had my nephews for another quick weekend, and gosh do we love spending time with them. Just some gratuitous auntie pictures below...

Did you watch that Netflix show Nailed It?! We could not get enough of it. We had our own Nailed It moment when we were sculpting with clay with the boys. Totally nailed the purple cow right?

And in the below photo, I mentioned this little guy's baby shower above! Now he's almost 5! But he still gives a great cuddle. 

Running Buddies

My sister and I are prepping for another Half Marathon! Our race is April 1st and quickly approaching. We've been training separately, but were really happy to squeeze in a run together. Felt like old times! We did our first Half in 2020 and Oh man, was that an experience. 

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