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Monday, April 3, 2023

One thing that Blake and I have always done is keep up with our respective Amazon wish lists. These lists serve two main functions for us. One, it helps us know exactly what each other would like to receive as gifts. Admittedly, we both have pretty specific tastes, so this eliminates all doubt. We know exactly what each other wants. And, secondly, these wish lists are so great at helping you bookmark things for later. I often add things to the list just to keep an eye on the price, or to see if I really truly want that item. 

Want a little insight into what I'm shopping for? Well, here's a peak at my list! 

P.S. I actually keep an entirely separate list for books! If the price drops or there is a special deal on a book, Amazon notifies me. (This is actually one of the tips I share in my How I Save Money on Books post!) 

I'm Shopping For:

Welcome Sign

I had a wreath on our side door (the door we use), and ending up moving it and now I feel like I need something for that door! I thought this sign was cute and would work well. 

Cricut Maker 

I have an Explore, and love it to pieces. It's paid for itself 10 times over with my Etsy shop. But, I would like to upgrade one day, and this is what I have my eye on.

Cricut Easy Press

Again, this is something that I would like to get in the future. I've been making it just fine just using my home iron. But, this would be a little luxury and I know I'd enjoy using it. 

Thermal Printer

Another wish list item for my Etsy set up. I use my regular printer for shipping labels, but I would love to get a thermal printer for labels and stickers. 

Rocking Chair and Table

Our front porch is lacking some kind of chair, and I keep coming back to this. Simple, but classic. And I think I could throw a seasonal cushion on it for fun. 

Glass Dome Diffuser

What's really on my wishlist is the Young Living Aria diffuser, but it's so expensive. I thought this really fit the look - but a much lower price. Pretty solid reviews too. 

Dog Car Seat

Is this completely ridiculous? Probably. But, I can't help it, I want it! The problem is I have 3 dogs, and it would be pretty ridiculous to spend this much on 3 dog car seats. Especially because it would just be for rides to vet every so often. 

Set of Skinny Belts

I really like these! I love that it comes in 2 colors. Seems like these could jazz up so many different outfits - especially dresses. 

Hardcopy of The Body

I LOVED this book. It was so interesting. I listened to the audio, and thought many times how I wished I had the hard copy so I could highlight it up and down. 

Rose Gold Watering Can

Like most people during the Pandemic, I acquired quite a few house plants. Most of them are doing great! But, I feel kind of funny using a disposable plastic cup over and over to water them. This mini can would be so convenient and a lot cuter. 

Ninja Smoothie Blender

It's becoming abundantly clear that our blender is about to give up. I really like this option, since we mainly use our blender for smoothies or protein shakes. 

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