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Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Defined Dish Cookbook

I already owned The Comfortable Kitchen and knew I wanted to get her first cookbook. When we started Whole30 I finally ordered it! Not only are most of the recipes Whole30, but every single one is DELICIOUS. Highly recommend any of her recipes, and if you need a suggestion let me know!

Our schedule rapidly started to look like 2019 again, and with so many events on the horizon I needed to physically see what was coming up. This acrylic calendar is so attractive, and I love the more minimal look on the side of our fridge. It comes with markers, and there is one option to receive a blank acrylic board that would be great for grocery lists. Sorry for the crude blurring on the above photo - I wanted to show you how it looks but didn't feel like erasing and rewriting January's schedule! 

Blake and I have been really good about packing our lunches in recent months. I had bought him a glass version of this bento box and the lid broke. We tried to get by without it, but we quickly realized how much easier it is to pack a lunch with one of these. So I ordered him one in blue, and one for me in light green. They are great for any kind of lunch. You can pack a salad and keep the toppings and dressing separate. Or we normally pack a sandwich and fill the top part with nuts and fruit or other snacks. 

Our glass pitcher broke! I can't even remember how I did it, but it was destroyed. Again, I tried to get by without it, but really missed making a pitcher of tea for dinner. I love the size of this one! It's perfect for serving 2-4 people. Plus, the lid makes it great for infusing drinks with fruit too.

A milk frother is one of those extra things that make making coffee at home a bit more fun. I also have enjoyed using this for mixing up coconut milk that tends to separate. This works exceptionally well! Also, we get Torani syrups on subscribe and save. I like the vanilla and Blake likes the caramel. 

If you missed the dedicated post for this project you can find it here! It wasn't easy to install, but we love the look so much! 

Our pugs Bailey and Winston are very prone to ear infections. Our vet prescribed this to help us keep them at bay, and I found out I can get it cheaper on Amazon without a prescription. It really does help them and saves us a little money. #IFYKYK Dogs (or pets in general) are soooo expensive. 

Being regular at taking vitamins is such a struggle! I've done the best I ever have taking these gummies! I keep them in the bathroom next to my toothbrush and have had a much easier time taking them. Blake love's the men's version and he even takes them on an empty stomach. 

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