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Top Books I Read in 2022

Monday, January 16, 2023

I'm not sure if I've ever done a Top-Book-Of-The-Year style post before. But, my mom always asks me what my top 5 or so books were from the year before. She knows that I read a lot, so they can't all be good. In fact, they are not. I read a lot of duds last year! But I do have several favorites that I'd love to recommend to you!

The Maid - by Nita Prose
This may have been the first book I read in 2022! And what a start! I LOVED this book. It's about a neurodivergent woman named Molly, who works in a fancy hotel as a maid. She takes her job very seriously! One day she happens to walk in on a murder scene in on of the suites. Even though this is a murder mystery, it's still incredibly heartwarming and sweet. The characters are so great! I really loved this and recommend it to anyone really. 

Atomic Habits - by James Clear
This is not a new book, but I read it for the first time last year. Atomic Habits examines how to add new habits into your routine most effectively. I picked out a lot of useful tips from this book! Mostly, if you want to form a new habit, you should add it to something you already do without thinking. For example, we all brush our teeth every morning without thinking about it - so if you wanted to add something like doing 50 squats to your daily routine, you could do it along with your teeth brushing habit to form the new habit. 

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - by Betty Smith
Also not a new book, but I had never read it before. In short, this is a coming of age story of a young girl who grows up in Brooklyn. Her family is quite the cast of characters and are all easy to root for. 
While nothing 'major' happens in this book plot wise, it's just a pleasure to read and become immersed in. 

All The Lonely People - Mike Gayle
This was an audiobook for me, and I highly recommend that experience. The narrator has a great accent that really adds to the story telling. This is about a man named Hubert. When he calls his daughter in Australia each week, he tells her all about his friends and all the fun things he's been up to. But he's lying. He's really lonely with no friends at all. So when his daughter plans a visit, he scrambles to cover up his the fake life he's concocted. 

All Good People Here - by Ashley Flowers
For fans of true crime or the Jean Bennet Ramsey case, this book is about a journalist who grew up next door to a little girl who was found in a ditch. She's been haunted by this case. When another crime takes place all these years later, she can't help but think they are connected and returns to Indiana to try to solve the mystery. Some twists I saw coming, others I didn't. And to be honest, the ending still has my mind mixed up. 

The Things We Cannot Say - by Kelly Rimmer 
Historical fiction always has my heart, but I really can only do so many WWII novels in a year. At first I thought this one would be just like all the others, but it's ended up not feeling like it! It's fairly straight forward, dual perspective past and present. The big 'twist' wasn't even surprising - but for me I just loved the characters and the writing style. It was just engrossing. I especially loved Alice's point of view, and her relationship with her son, who is on the spectrum. 

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