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Thoughts on 1 Week of Whole30

Monday, January 9, 2023

I'm a week into my Whole30 diet and I have a lot of thoughts! To recap, I decided to give this a try after getting back some interesting blood work at the end of 2022. An anti inflammation diet sounded like it could help and if anything, it wouldn't hurt. I deep dived into research in December and gave myself a weeks head start with practice recipes. So, while I'm only officially a few days into Whole30, I've been eating *almost* Whole30 for almost 2. 

Side effects: 
During my practice week, I also had COVID. So, honestly, I can't say that I've experienced any of the detox symptoms that most every else does. I had no idea if my headache was virus related or sugar detox related, etc. This also helped me give everything up slowly. First, I gave up soda and alcohol, and then I did Whole30 breakfasts and lunches while using up my regular food on dinners. So, I think this approach probably saved me some major side effects. Also, I already felt like crap, so it wouldn't matter if I did.

Label Reading:
If anything, I am forever changed when it comes to reading labels. To make sure something is Whole30 compliant you must read the ingredient lists. It is SHOCKING to acknowledge what's in our food. There is sugar in almost everything. Things that shouldn't have sugar! There is a long list of ingredients that are not acceptable for Whole30, so you have to be diligent. It's no wonder so many have trouble with their weight when you see what's actually in our food. 

I'm sick of eggs already. Breakfast is definitely something I will struggle with as this month goes on. I'm doing my best to get creative with breakfast, but I'm going to tire of eggs really quickly. I've been mixing it up with smoothies, but those aren't encouraged. 

Unlearning Diet Behavior:
I feel like I'm getting away with so much. There is no calorie counting, no artificial sweeteners, and you aren't even supposed to weigh yourself until the end. It's the opposite of every diet I know. You can eat as much as you want, just as long as it's compliant. Raisins, nuts, avocados, potatoes...all things that are encouraged on Whole30, but not on other diets.  

Free Program:
I really really love that Whole30 is free to join. Their website is full of resources, and there is a very active and helpful facebook group. 

I'm documenting my meals over on TikTok! 
@kristen_woolsey Whole 30 Day 1 B: Banana Blueberry Smoothies L: Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps with homemade Mayo D: @thedefineddish Creamy Tortillaless Soup #whole30 ♬ Love Yourself - Jasmine Thompson
I know I will have a lot more to share as the month goes on, including results! I took some before pictures that I'm all too eager to have a dramatic after photo for. 


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