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Weekly Diary #1.2021

Monday, January 4, 2021

Blake and I ventured out to the mall to get new running shoes! I purchased a pair of Brooks last year before my half marathon and loved them so much that I got another pair this year. Blake recently started running with me, so we got him fitted for a pair as well. He did a whole foot analysis at Fit2Run and it was very helpful! Interestingly he ended up in the same pair I got (just in men's). 

We also stopped at our favorite brewery post shoe shopping. It's been so warm and sunny here, so we loved sitting outside! 

I can't post a weekly photo diary without some pug pictures. The amount of pictures we have of our 3 dogs is crazy, but here were two I thought were worth sharing. Pugs give you no personal space, but especially not when we are eating. And, Bailey loves to lounge on Blake's pillow (never mine!) and I finally documented her queenliness. 

Blake and I have been doing Fitbit challenges with some friends/family recently and so we've both been determined to get in our steps! We spent a whole morning hiking in our closest State Park and it was just so beautiful. We did a three mile hike and got our 10,000 steps before lunch! 

I also recently purchased this fun paint by number kit! It's very detailed and I probably should have gone with something less detailed, but it's been a calming activity! I really love the colors and if it turns out ok, I might hang it up, since it matches our decor pretty well.

Question for you! Do you like sparkling water? I used to not like it at all, but wanted to try again. Who doesn't need to drink more water right? I've tried several brands and ended up becoming obsessed with the AHA brand! We LOVE the peach and honey flavor. Now I feel like I'm drinking too much sparkling water?! 

Happy Monday everyone! Hoping to have a weekly camera diary to share every week this year, but I'm not sure what day it'll end up going up yet. Stay tuned! Leave a comment below and let me know what you are up to this week! Have you ever gotten fitted for running shoes? Any outdoor adventures or fun hobbies or crafts lately? And let me know if you are on team sparkling water!

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