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My Favorite Gear For Runners

Monday, June 1, 2020

Favorite Running Gear |

There is a reason everyone loves these leggings! They are incredibly flattering, and functional. I love the pockets! It takes some effort to get them on, but once they are on, they aren't going anywhere. Which is very important on a run! If you aren't a member of Fabletics, you can use my link to sign up and usually new members get 2 leggings for $24. 

These leggings are true to size. Use their size calculator. I did, and mine fit perfectly. 

Gosh, it's embarrassing that I have this top in every color they make! They are so soft, breathable, and flattering. The cut is great with both leggings and shorts. Again, these are true to size.

Fabletics and Calia Sports Bras
I have two favorite medium-high impact sports bras. One is the Mila sports bra from Fabletics. It's got a cell phone pocket, which is awesome. I also love the thick band. The Calia sports bras are a close 2nd! These are incredibly breathable, soft and supportive! The crisscross back is great too. For reference, I am a D cup, so I need some pretty decent bras. 

In the photo below, the white and black are Calia bras, and the navy and pink are Fabletics. 

I really did not want to spend the money on these, but as soon as I put them on I knew I couldn't leave without them. They have 100% turned into my best purchase of the year. They are excellent shoes. So supportive, and comfortable! I recently put on my old shoes to do some yard work and could not believe I ever wore them running. 

I can't run without my hair out of my face. Usually that means wearing a hat! I have a smallish collection of baseball hats that I usually wear. (and wash often!) Some of my favorites are my aviate TLH hat for my hometown, a few Disney hats, and this Out of Office hat you can get in my Etsy shop!

Again, gotta have my hair in place on a run! With thick hair, the only solution is a good hair tie. I'm obsessed with my teleties, and would happily buy every color possible. 

There are more running specific watches out there, but I love my Fitbit. I use mine everyday, for exercise or just regular smart watch purposes. The Versa 2 has very easy to use running features. The workout summary is so helpful! Just tell it you are going on a run, and it will record the whole thing for you. 

I love using the Achievement app! You connect your health apps, like Fitbit, and get points for healthy activity. You can cash in your points for gift cards!

Can't run without good music right?! Actually, most of the time I'm running with my sister and we talk the whole time. But, when I'm on my own, music is essential. I use these headphones everyday, for running and just regular day to day listening. They are a gorgeous pink! But, most importantly, they are comfy and stay on when I'm running! They are not noise cancelling, which is a good thing for runners. 

Leave a comment below if you are a runner! Tell me what your must haves are for running or working out! Any holy grail products?

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