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Day In The Life During A Pandemic

Monday, April 20, 2020

7am - Don't even need to set an alarm each night, but my body still wakes me up at 7 even when I can sleep in! The first thing I do, besides brush my teeth and go to the bathroom, is take the pugs out. They are always thrilled when I'm up for the day, because it means breakfast! I make them go outside to do their business first though. This morning, however I immediately freaked because in our side yard was an Opossum. Super common animal here, but not in the day time, and certainly not something I want Winston running after. 

The other 2 dogs were oblivious and just did their business, but I scooped Winny up because I knew he'd bolt as soon as he saw it. Good thing, because on the other side of the yard was a radom giant dog I've never seen before. He had a collar, but I know he does not belong to any of our immediate neighbors. Anyway, none of that really matters, except I knew that the dogs were not going to want to go out for the rest of the day because we are expecting bad weather. Great start.

7:30 - I'm still watching out for the Opossum, and the stray dog is still there, so I'm just going to have to deal with the dogs later. Our house is kind of a mess since we didn't really clean up after dinner last night. Normally, I like to have a clean slate to start the next day with, but we've been lazy. (My ideal evening routine!)

So, I tackle the kitchen! I always set up my phone on the window ledge and watch some Youtube while I do the dishes. (I've previously shared 5 favorite Youtube channels) The only thing that made dishes interesting was using this new to me dish soap. It's on the pricier side, but it's the little things that bring joy right now. I purchased mine from Grove, but it's also on Amazon (but higher in price). 

If you want to try out Grove, use my link to sign up and you get a bunch of free cleaning products. Rakuten is also offering cash back for new members! 

8 - An Etsy order came in the night before, so I wanted to get her decals cut and packaged up before I forgot. I've been trying to do same, or next day shipping for these orders. I'm happy that the orders are still coming in even in these crazy times. Mostly it's been for cleaning labels, so that's a sign of the times for sure. 

My Etsy Shop! Blog read can use the code: PUGSANDPEARLS for 10% off their order. 

8:15-30 - Every morning, I like to wake up the house! Sounds silly, but it's a nice routine. I open the blinds, fluff the pillows on the couch, and get the diffuser going. (Here are some of my favorite combos

8:45- I need to do some kind of workout today, but the weather is already looking horrible. Thunder and an outside walk or run is out of the question. I borrowed a Beachbody on demand log in and decided on a Pilates workout. It was super challenging, especially because the dogs thought it was play time.

I was convinced I torched about 1,000 calories, and I looked at my watch and it said less than 100. Boo! I recently upgraded to the Fitbit Versa 2 (after I left my Versa on the plane home from Arizona..) and I'm still getting used to some of it's features. I didn't realize until after my workout that you can tell it you are doing a pilates workout. I just had it on 'workout' so I don't think it was reading accurately. Either way I felt great after! 

9:30 - After making my bed and getting the living room vacuumed, it was time to get ready for the day. It's so hard not to just wear workout clothes all the time. I feel so much better when I wear an actual outfit and put on a touch of makeup. 

I've been focusing on skin care lately, and did the routine I shared in last weeks post. I love the Rooted brand and that you can go really minimal or deep into a skincare routine with their products. 

Took a quick mirror selfie to prove I wore real clothes today! I picked up this top from Walmart on our last supply run, and it's perfect for a day like today. Comfy, and loose. I am also happy to report my shorts zipped, haha. 

10:15 - I sat down to do some work on my laptop, and the weather got terrible! We are under a tornado watch until 11, and I'm a bit nervous. Lightening is popping right by our house. The dogs are going nuts, and they seem really unsettled. Blake works to unplug computers and important electronics, and I curl up on the chair with the dogs. They calmed down really quickly just sitting with me. Poor things don't know what's going on. 

Including this picture to show how dark it is! Normally this end of the house is bright at this time of day.

I just sat with the dogs and scrolled on my phone for a bit. This time of year always has interesting storms, but that was a doozy. It stopped raining right around 11 like predicted. 

11 - Finally breakfast time! I got so wrapped up in the morning that I forgot to eat. I wasn't really hungry after my workout, which is normal for me. I wake up really hungry, but don't want to eat until after I exercise. Keeping it simple with peanut butter toast and honey. 

At this point I got confirmation there was a tornado in our town and while it wasn't horrible, it did come really close to my sister's house! Thankfully she was not home at the time. One business did have it's roof blown off. 

11:15 - Emily Ley's Simplified Spring Challenge starts today and I'm excited to do it again! I did her declutter challenge last year and it helped me get rid of so much. The first day is really easy, and you just walk around looking for trash. It's not something we have a lot of but I know there are some crafting scraps and waste baskets to empty around the house. 

11:30 - Time for a little computer work. I started to do this earlier, but the dogs required my attention. It's a Monday, which is when my blog posts go live, so I just need to make sure everything looks right and do a little sharing on social media. I'm not a professional, and I don't do everything a blogger is 'supposed' to do, but I do what I feel is worthwhile. 

I'm also going to spend some time reading and commenting on other blogs now too. I do most of my blog reading through Bloglovin! Click here to follow along.

12-12:30 - Normally, I do my Bible reading first thing in the morning, but I really don't have a routine these days. But, it's definitely a priority to do at some point in the day. Right now, I'm following a chronological schedule, which is great! The schedule is for a year, which I think is doable, but I'm not following it like that. I don't want to read just to cover material. 

12:45 - Blake's office has been doing a staggered schedule, so now he is getting ready to go in to the office. He has a personal office with a door, so we don't feel too upset he still has to go in sometimes. Mostly he has been working from home, and we are enjoying our extra time together. 

1-2 - At this point, the day is open to whatever I feel like doing. I enjoy having productive mornings, but it's weird to get everything done and then wonder what I should do with my time. I decide to spend some time reading. So far during this whole pandemic, I haven't had the drive to read. I've started and stopped a handful of books-too distracted to read. A podcast recommended The Selection series as an easy book series to start. I haven't read any YA in a while, and I thought that would be a good way to try to get over my slump. Plus the whole series was available on Libby. 

I'll do a full review on my next Recent Reads post, but I will say it absolutely got me back into reading. I think I read the whole series over 3 days! It's kind of like reality tv in book form. Super easy to get into and really quick to finish. 

2 - Late Lunch! One reason I love being at home is the ability to make more creative lunches. I absolutely love smoothies, but for obvious reasons those are hard to make for lunch under normal circumstances. My current obsession has been strawberry banana smoothies with lots of spinach thrown in. I blend the spinach up first so it's completely pulverized. Then I add frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, and Fage greek yogurt. (They only greek yogurt you should buy.) 

2:15-6 - Back to reading! It's nice outside now that the storm is over, so I decide to drink my smoothie and read on the porch. Then, I read for the rest of the afternoon. I'm a really fast reader, so I end up finishing #3 and #4 in The Selection series....don't judge me! They are quick reads! I changed reading locations throughout the afternoon. The porch, the couch and then finally my bed. 

6:30 - Blake gets home. He usually gets home around 5:30 but with the staggered schedule they want him there a bit later. We talk and catch up about the afternoon and decided what to make for dinner. 

7 - Finally starting dinner! The ground beef we bought at the store needed to be cooked before it went bad, so we went with burrito bowls. A favorite and a staple around here! We love cooking together, and we even had the record player going while we got everything ready. 

I used to buy traditional rice and cook it for burrito bowls, but I have become obsessed with this microwave rice. It takes 90 seconds to cook and the pouch is the perfect serving for 2 people!

7:30- After dinner, I packed up the leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. It was definitely Blake's turn for the dishes, but I could tell he was really tired so I cleaned up the kitchen. I really don't like having to wake up to a dirty kitchen, like I did this morning, so I made myself do it. 

8- We've been watching a lot of movies during this time, but we couldn't agree on one tonight! Star Trek is kind of a comforting show for us, so we turned on some random episode and relaxed with the pugs. Also fully enjoyed some thin mints. (Publix has a great dupe for the girl scout cookies that I prefer!) 

??- Not sure what time it was, but as always I fall asleep on the couch. Sometimes I wake myself up, sometimes Blake wakes me up, but I do end up in the bed somehow. Unfortunately I do have to set an alarm for tomorrow! I work on Tuesdays and I really need to make sure I don't oversleep. So thankful I can work from home! It's been a blessing since we started it last year, but I am so appreciative of it now!

Alright it's your turn! What does a day in the life look like for you right now?! 
Leave a comment below and tell me!

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