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Recent Clothing Buys

Thursday, April 23, 2020

This isn't a fashion blog, by any means, but I do love sharing my favorite things with you! At the start of the spring season I bought a few pieces, but since then I have really cut back on any extra spending. You'll have to let me know in the comments below what your online shopping has looked like lately! Are you doing a lot of online shopping, or are you being extra careful right now?

Don't forget to use Rakuten for cash back on all your online orders!

Without further ado, here are a few clothing items I've bought and loved recently! It's a bit of a variety...

I originally bought these two dresses because I had 3 events I needed dresses for, and since then they've been cancelled. Oh well! I am still thrilled with both patterns! Especially the snakeskin's very different than anything I own. And obviously, I love the navy. This dress is very light and comfortable. Very easy to wear, and I know I will get a lot of wear out of them in the future.

Blue Striped Boat Neck
I haven't had the chance to wear this top yet. It's long sleeved, but I think I can still get some spring style out of it by pairing it with shorts. (It's already hot here, ya'll.) I actually had my eye on this top last fall, but I'm so glad I waited it out because I got it on major clearance! It was already on sale, but then J Crew Factory had an additional discount on clearance items. It was a steal. Plus, even though it's another striped shirt for my collection, it's a different color and style, haha. 

You saw this outfit in my recent day in the life post! I picked up this top on a supply run at Walmart and it's perfect for this socially distant time. Very comfy and relaxed. I originally wanted the white top, but it was almost completely sheer. So, I went with the blue color and it pairs perfectly with my favorite Old Navy shorts.

In my pajamas on the internet! Ah!
I'm deficient in the good PJ department, so when I saw this cute set at Walmart I scooped it up. Great price, and they are incredibly soft!! Bonus points for having lemons on it. There were a few fun patterns you could mix and match.

Walmart has totally stepped up their game in the clothing department lately! I loved these sandals and was able to grab them on a clearance price! I've worn them a ton because they are easy to dress up and down. They took some time to break in, but now they fit really nicely. I sized down.

Almost anytime I've 'gotten dressed' in the last few weeks I've reached for this top! I love it and I think it's perfect for summer. So glad this local boutique I love has a website now, so I can link it for you!

When I was training for my half marathon, I collected a really good assortment of workout gear. But, I was training in the winter, so most of it has been put up for the season. I really needed some short sleeve tops and I hit the jackpot with this t shirt from Target! I want every single color, but for now I have navy and black. Comfortable, loose enough, but also fitted enough...just right really. They also pair really well with my tried and true Nike Tempo shorts. 

Going back in time a little bit to our Arizona trip: I purchased these hiking boots and fleece from LLBean. This fleece is absolutely perfect for a Florida winter as well. It's easy to wear on its own, and it also fits really nicely under my LL Bean rain jacket as a 2nd layer. I wore it every day of our trip!

Finding hiking boots that were cute and practical was a huge challenge before our trip! I tried my best to look for a good deal, and couldn't really find the perfect thing. I loved how these boots from LL Bean looked, especially the blue laces. I finally bit the bullet and paid full price for them. Let me tell you, best purchase ever. The quality is amazing and I will be wearing these until I'm an old lady!

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