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Friday, May 24, 2024

Adjusting To Life Without Our Sweet Delly

It's been several weeks now since we had to say goodbye to Delly. It's been a huge adjustment. I'm so glad we have the other pugs, because her absence is felt. I can't imagine if we didn't have any dogs in the house. I think about her every single day, usually multiple times a day! We really miss her, but we are happy she's not struggling anymore. Life has gotten easier in some ways. Our day really revolved around her. The other dogs don't need bathroom breaks as often, for example. Even the color of our dryer lint has changed! Going from 3 dogs to 2 is actually a huge shift I wasn't expecting. 

I finally took her harness off the hook by the front door. I'm keeping it in a safe place, the pug hair and all. We also received her paw print from the cremation people.  I never thought I would want to have something like that, since I'm not very sentimental. But, I'm so glad we opted in for it. It does warm my heart to see it each day. 

Special Meaning Items

My mom semi-recently became the power of attorney for a 90 year old long time family friend that has no children. She is living in an assisted living home, and so we are in the process of selling her house. It has been cool to see some familiar items there that I remember from childhood. She lived 2 streets over, so we often walked over after school. She's able to have quite a bit of personal items at her apartment in the facility, but there is a whole house and lifetime worth of things to sort through. 

I was able to take home such a cool treasure! This really neat globe. Globes and maps have always been something mesmerizing to me. This is just a cool, and still very functional, piece that I'm happy to see in our home! Plus, it feels special since we are keeping it in the 'family'.

My Uncle also recently brought down some items that belonged to my grandparents and great grandparents, so we are swimming in nostalgia and interesting photos. 

Here's my little PSA: do you elderly self a favor and go through items and collections long before you get old and have to have your family figure it out on their own. 

Auntie Life

Sharing a couple of fun Auntie things. My nephew Lennox just graduated Kindergarten! I was able to take his graduation portraits, and they turned out unbelievable cute. I'm going to share that in another post because I have several favorites. 

Additionally, my niece Gia had a dance recital and she was such a little star. You could tell she loved it, and had been working so hard to get the dances just right.

And, my nephew Carter has been making me so proud lately too! He got his grades way up, and now I owe him $100 because of a promise I made him when he wasn't doing as well. 😂 He's been messaging me through Google Chat, and it's brought me SO much happiness. I love talking with him. One thing I think is hilarious...when I tell him I love him, he says 'same'. 😂 Every once in awhile I'll get an 'Love you too'. 

New Diffuser

I've always loved the YL Aria diffuser, but I sure haven't wanted to spend the money on it. I found this Dupe on Amazon. The 'on' button isn't the greatest, but otherwise this really does give the look of the Aria. I had fun getting a rainbow of oils from Grove, and they just looked so good lined up!

If you are new to Grove, you can use my link for 30% off! I normally share my Grove hauls, but I haven't really gotten many orders lately! I've been able to get most of my favorite cleaners from Walmart, but there are still several things I like to get from Grove. 

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