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Cruising On The Quantum Of The Seas - What to Bring

Monday, May 27, 2024

My family loves to cruise. We've gone on at least a dozen Caribbean cruises since I was a preteen! So, when Blake and I decided to try an Alaskan cruise, I was SO nervous! It just seemed like a totally different animal. And it was. But, in the best ways. 

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The Quantum of the Seas was a great ship! It's definitely ideal for Alaska because there were so many indoor activities, but also a hundred different places to sit comfortably and watch the mountains go by. Some of those places being outside, and some inside. The solarium is huge and right at the front of the ship so the views are always awesome! 

I was really worried about what to wear. I found that jeans and a long sleeve t shirt were great for most things. We went the last week of April, first week of May. In the morning it was cold enough for a puffer jacket, and then by the afternoon we were stuffing our jackets into the backpack.  I did wear my beanie a couple of times out on deck.

There were two formal nights on our cruise. I wasn't sure how to dress for these nights because Caribbean cruises have gotten really relaxed about dressy nights. I'm so glad I made the effort to dress up! I'd say almost everyone on board did. Blake wore khakis and a blazer, I wore an Amazon dress I adore, and then on the second night I wore a borrowed jumpsuit - which was great option! 

These are my hindsight must brings:

- A tote bag for those random things you need to carry around the ship, and when you don't want your whole backpack.
- Downtime activities. I read a lot on this trip so my Kindle was a must! We also loved playing cards on sea days.
- Lanyard for your sea pass. We've had these for years and they are just so handy. 
- Reusable water bottle. Gotta hydrate, people! I loved having our Yeti tumbler filled up to take with us off the ship, and even in our room for nighttime. 
- A different shoe for dinner time. Most of the day I would either be in an athletic shoe or a sneaker. It was SO nice to be able to change into something else with different pressure points for dinner. Other than the formal nights, for dinner I wore jeans, a top, a open cardigan, and these sandals. These sandals are the best anyway, but they are also great for travel because they are so incredibly light weight. 

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