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Port of Call: Victoria, BC | Starring: Butchart Gardens

Thursday, May 23, 2024

The fourth stop on our Alaskan Cruise, was Victoria British Columbia! What a beautiful place. We heard ahead of time, from multiple sources, that Butchart Gardens are an absolute must. Because our ship was in port during the evening, we did the cruise sponsored excursion to the gardens. The gardens would have been closed otherwise. I'm so glad we did! It's a far drive from the cruise port to the gardens, and we were brought over on a very comfortable bus with an extremely informative driver. 

I can not overstate how amazing Butchart Gardens is. It's INCREDIBLE. And overwhelming. We spent a few hours just meandering and snapping photos left and right. It's truly a taste of paradise.

They also have free clear and complimentary umbrellas everywhere for those pop up showers this area is prone to. We were there in the evening, but still had plenty of light for exploring. 

The Gardens also has a great little cafe, and gift shop which we had fun perusing. 


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