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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Online Shopping

SO many sales!! I don't really need anything in particular - but I have been trying to find some jeans all year. It's been such a struggle. I know skinny jeans are 'out', but I cannot seem find jeans that are the right length, rise, and color. The jeans in this J. Crew order were quite disappointing unfortunately. The wash was awfully 80s, and they were so short. I really wish I could buy jeans with separate waist and length measurements. (Is this a me problem? I have a short waist, but my inseam is like over 31 inches.) 

In other news, I've started shopping for my Alaskan cruise next spring. I realized, even though we cruise all the time, it's in the Caribbean and all of my cruise formal outfits are very summery. I just don't think that'll be the vibe. I've seen a lot of fancy wintery dresses out right now, but maybe I should wait until the end of the season and get a discount?  I have ordered a new puffer style jacket for this trip from L.L. Bean so I will report back!

New Office Arm Chair

We have had our new joint home office set up for just about a year now! It's been great, and we really like it. I have been wondering what to do with this little nook though. When this was our guest room, I had my desk in this spot, but when we did the flip flop - it was a place holder for our exercise bike. ( Which I'm debating on selling...that might be it's own post.) 

A friend offered me this leather arm chair, and I was so excited! I thought a reading chair would be perfect in this spot. Blake and I barely got it up the stairs! I just knew our marriage was going to be in trouble. 😂 Just kidding, Blake was a great sport about it. He knew it'd be perfect in this spot, we just didn't know we'd have to go up and down the stairs 3 times before we figured out how to angle it.

It's great! The same friend also offered me a rug, which I was happy to add here too. It's not something I would have picked out for myself, but it does fill a lot of the negative space, and the pugs love it.  

Kitchen Lamp

You don't know you need a cute little lamp in your kitchen, but you absolutely do. It adds such a nice ambiance, especially in the evening. I had this little cutie on our actual kitchen counter, but then moved it to this little side table I have in the kitchen. We only have so much counter space, and I felt like it made more sense here. This table was a bar set up for a bit, but now I've got it as a morning beverage station and it's so sweet. My dad stole my Keurig though, so will be needing to replace that. (Ok, ok, I stole it from him first, he just wanted it back.)

This lamp is from Walmart, but I can't seem to find it on their website. It's the Mainstays line and it was literally $10. 


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