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November Grove Co Haul

Monday, November 20, 2023

Grove Co Duster

I actually had this duster, but the handle fell apart and I put it back together wrong (apparently losing a little piece) and have been using it all this time anyway. It was time to order a replacement, and now I have 2 dusters to rotate with. I really like this duster because it attaches to the pole handle they have for reaching up high.

Grove Co Tissues - Free Gift

This was my free gift of this order. These are always great to have on hand!

Grove Co Dish Brush

This dish brush was probably in one of my very first orders with Grove years ago! It's a bamboo handle with a replaceable head once it gets worn out. I was on a cleaning job, and realized this house didn't have a toilet brush - and I forgot to bring mine. So my original brush had to be sacrificed! Obviously, I then needed a replacement and here we are haha.

Grab Green Garbage Disposal Pods

These are great! You just toss in a pod into your garbage disposal and it helps freshen it up. The scent is awesome. I use these about once a week when I deep clean the house.

Full Circle Squeegee

Super excited about this (is it lame to be excited about cleaning products?)! I have one in our glass shower for every day use, but wanted one for my cleaning caddy for my cleaning jobs. Love that this one folds up. It's going to be a great help!

Method Toilet Cleaner

No description necessary as this is in just about every order I make from Grove! 

Method Bathroom Cleaner

Another great staple in my cleaning caddy.

Method Antibac Cleaner 

I really like that this cleaner seems to lasts and lasts! I mainly use it on toilets. 

Aunt Fannies Carpet Refresher

I am the first to admit this is overpriced. It's a carpet powder that you leave on and then vacuum up. I only splurge on it once in awhile because it smells so good! It really does refresh your carpet. I have a large living room rug, and recently we got another large rug from a friend for our office. Yay for free rugs! However, that rug smells like it's been in storage, so I wanted to use this powder on it and see if I can freshen it up.

If you are new to Grove, you can use my link to get several free gifts!

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