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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Hurricane Prep

We are currently glued to the weather channel as Idalia makes her way to Florida. Right now, the projection has us in the west part of the cone - but we expect the path to become more sure throughout the day. All I know is we are getting some pretty bad weather tomorrow. We have all our supplies and have put up all our outdoor d├ęcor and potential projectiles. My next task is getting absolutely all the laundry done in case we lose power. 

We love living in Florida, but yep, this is the reality of it! So thankful my mom and dad have put in a whole house generator. That takes a lot of the pressure off. At least we know our food won't go bad and we can take refuge in their A/C. 


Isn't this picture of the pugs the cutest?! In my last three things post, I shared that Delly had a rough month. She had an unfortunate eye injury! Our poor girl is doing a lot better. She got to take the cone off and she's off all the medicines. She still has a significant scar, that we assume will heal some more. But, she's likely to have lost some vision. (She's approaching 13, she already has lost some eyesight.) She's so much better now, and we are relieved not to be running back and forth to the vet very few days. (Read: $$$)

Winston and Bailey went in for grooming and the groomer put the cutest bandanas on them. I couldn't stand it, it was so cute. They didn't keep them on very long, but I loved it while it lasted. 

Work Headshots

We took some fresh office photos for social media and our website recently. It was also my 15th work anniversary. (I started in High School doing the DCT program where I'd go to school in the morning, and then work in the afternoon.) This day was SO hot, you can definitely see the glisten on my pink cheeks. But, that morning I was convinced I had had it with my hair and was ready to do a big chop. Then after I saw the pictures, I changed my mind. Even though all that hair is like 4,000 looks pretty good, haha. 

Bonus 4th thing:
My Parent's 35th Anniversary!

It was so fun to take my mom and dad out for their anniversary this week. It's their 35th! We hope to celebrate as a whole family (my siblings and their families too) in North Georgia soon, but we are kinda stuck waiting to see what this storm will do and if we are safe to go. 


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