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Scenes from Blue Ridge, GA

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Gosh, what a week! On Wednesday, we were faced with Hurricane Idalia. The eye of the storm went in about an hour east of us, and right in between where we live and my sister lives. We have lots of friends here and there and in the middle - so we were really anxious about the whole thing. For us, the storm was fairly insignificant. We didn't lose power and basically just experienced wind and rain. Lots of other people weren't as fortunate!  We had planned to leave for Blue Ridge on Thursday so that added to the stress of all of it! Should we stay or should we go kinda stuff. 

Well, we just tweaked our plans slightly, and were able to get away! Every year we try to do a vacation as party of 10 - which includes my parents, my siblings and their families. Normally, it's a cruise. But this year we thought we'd try something different! 

We spent the long weekend in a mountain side cabin overlooking the Toccoa River. It was so beautiful and we had such a great time.

A few highlights: 
- Tubing! (This was by far my favorite activity) 
- A ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway! My family rented out the caboose, and it was such a cool experience. The train takes you from Blue Ridge over the state line to Copperhill, TN. Well, actually the town is half in Georgia, and half in Tennessee. The train is all open air, but the caboose is private and climate controlled. Super comfortable and luxurious! 
- Angry Hops Brewing! My family loves breweries, and we stopped at 3 this trip. Angry Hops was by far our favorite. Just good vibes, and delicious beer. 
- A slight drop in temperature. Haha, these Floridians were very happy the weather was like 10 degrees cooler than home. 
- The first FSU game of the season! It was the icing on the cake that we got to watch the game together. FSU in the fall was a core part of my childhood, so watching with my siblings is extra special. Plus they won, which was a mood booster! 

I really didn't pick up my phone all that much on this trip, which is how I prefer it to be. But, I do always think I wish I had taken more pictures. Maybe I'll be a good blogger someday, ha!

Honestly, the very best part of the whole trip was my brother in law surprising us. The storm was so bad in their area, so he had many responsibilities at home. He wasn't sure he'd make it up there to join us. And honestly, we had kinda lost hope after a couple of days because work wasn't slowing down for him. But, I'll never forget how shocked we all were when he pulled up behind us on the road leading to our cabin. It was a great surprise! 


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