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Book Of The Month First Impressions

Thursday, January 12, 2023

I'm finally trying out something I've been eyeing for probably a year! Book of the Month is a monthly subscription service that sends you a brand new hardback book every month. You get to pick from a selection of a few different genres which is nice. And if none of the titles interest you, you can skip that month. 

I signed up in December, but none of the books tickled my fancy - so I skipped, and waited for January's selection. When I got the box in the mail I was so excited! I haven't really read a physical book in a long time, and was so surprised with how good it felt (and smelled!) in my hands! 

I haven't started my book yet, so I can't speak to whether I recommend it yet - but it sounds extremely exciting! In addition to your book of the month, you can add on other titles that they keep 'in stock'. There were a lot of great titles there!

Want to give Book Of The Month a shot? If you sign up using my link, you get your first book for $5!! Can't beat that.
And, oh, P.S. did you notice that there is a whole tab at the top of my blog that has a dozen coupons and referral codes for you?! 


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