Unfortunately, we ended up sick after our Europe trip! It was awful. My doctor said it was just a terrible upper respiratory thing, but I also ended up with an ear and eye infection on top of it. I really can't remember a time being that sick in my entire life. While, we both felt terrible, it was actually kind of nice to be forced to chill at home for a week+ after traveling. I know our pugs loved having us on the couch!
Because we didn't want to rent a car while we were in Ireland, we were so happy to find a bus tour that would take us outside of Dublin! This is the tour we chose, and we all highly recommend it. (Plus there is cash back if you use Rakuten!) The tour was all day. It took us to the Cliffs of Moher, a pub for lunch, a really neat seaside stop that has some unique rocks, and then into Galway - and of course back to Dublin. 
We are now Home Sweet Home after an amazing few weeks in Ireland and England! I have so much to share, but figured I start here. Here's a few photos from a great day in Dublin! We joined a tour of the Jameson Distillery and then we walked over to the Guinness Factory for another great tour, and lots of free samples.
If you would have told me in the past that Blake and I would become coffee drinkers, I'd be so shocked! Neither of us picked up coffee drinking in our adult lives for the longest time. I can tell you the exact  time I first drank a coffee and enjoyed it. I'll remember that day vividly, ha! One day I was babysitting my nephew when he was a toddler, and I decided to take him downtown and go to the Museum of Natural History here in Tallahassee. My brother came with me for some of the morning, and he wanted to stop by a local coffee shop called Lucky Goat. He felt like he knew I would enjoy their signature iced coffee, and ordered me one. I have to say, either I was desperate for caffeine that day, or it was pretty great. 
One of my favorite things to share are new favorite things! Here's a couple things I've purchased in the last month, and thought were worth sharing!
Lunch is something I struggle with. We rarely have leftovers, and while I love peanut butter sandwiches...sometimes that get's old. Just as I was trying to get some inspiration for lunch ideas, my sister sent me this chicken salad recipe. 
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